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Speed Reading! – The Flash #31

“Through a Glass Darkly”

“Through a Glass Darkly”

We now reach the inevitable second chapter in Venditti and Jensen’s first story arc, and like most second chapters, not a lot happens.  That isn’t so much a bad thing; just the nature of the beast.  We are still juggling three narratives which mesh nicely even if there isn’t much progression overall.

Barry discovers that there’s a killer out there using stolen super-villain weapons.  He thinks he sees a connection, but there is little time for him to follow through as Iris asks him to become a male mentor to the troubled Wally West.  During all this (or after it – depending on your point of view), a future Barry arrives 16 years in the future and kills Mirror Master (in a twisted effort to save his reputation).

I really like how the series has drifted into a procedural and V&J are taking full advantage of Barry’s CSI job (ironically when he isn’t even back in the office officially yet).  I just wish there were not all these other storylines needing to be serviced in order to see more of this case play out.  Not to suggest that I don’t like what else is going on – I do – I just want to see more of Barry’s investigation play out.

I am very interested to see where this Wally is going to go.  He’s mad at the Flash, and it makes total sense.  He put his favorite uncle in jail and wasn’t around when his mother went missing during the attack on the city.  He has every right to be angry.  We only get a fleeting moment of interaction between Barry and Wally here.  I really hope that we see more of a lengthy scene between the two of them next month.

I am still getting adjusted to Brett Booth’s art.  I like it and it does have a nostalgic 90s feel to it (in good way), but I can’t help but notice how Barry dresses now.  He likes his vests.  He wore one previously and we see him in one again.  Barry didn’t strike me as a vest guy.  Maybe Patty is dressing him?  Speaking of fashion, did anyone else notice that Barry was also wearing a Blue Lantern t-shirt?  I know this is a call back to when Flash was (briefly) a Blue Lantern, but, speaking from an in-universe perspective, it seems strange the Lantern Corps would have a clothing line.

That’s what I take away most from this issue: fashion statements.  Then again, the Flash has always been stylish!

Next: Cold Future!


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