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What Happened to the All-New Culture Cast?

Those of you who actually follow our blog might have wonder what happened to our podcast, The All-New Culture Cast.  From our entries, it appears as if we haven’t uploaded an episode since August 2018, and there is the implication that the show has ended.


Well, that isn’t true.  We are still here and the show has been going along on its regular basis.  What happened is that we would post our episodes here on this WordPress blog and then would link it to our personal Facebook page to share with our friends and whatnot.

Here is what happened.  Over the summer, Facebook, for some reason, suggested that the blog was some kind of spam.  Not only could we not post anything new, but it deleted the past 8 years worth of posts from our respective Facebook pages.  I tried contacting Facebook to resolve it, but no luck whatsoever.

Because of this, we lost the drive to bother posting here on the blog.  You can still find us at the following:

Libsyn Webpage
Libsyn Directory Page
iTunes Link

You can find us at other podcasting hubs as well.  And Google.  Always Google.


It still exists!

On a complete aside, I have missed blogging and want to get back into it, so I reactivated my other WordPress blog and have transferred all my posts from The Culture Cast over there as well.  If interested, you can check it out here:

This hasn’t been blocked by Facebook.  Yet.

I am not sure what else will be posted here in the future.  I likely won’t.  Not sure if Zack still will.  So, who knows for sure.  For those who have followed us since 2011, we thank you.  But circumstances have caused us to go in new directions.

We hope to see you there!



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