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ANCC: Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

Check out a completely random movie review with the All-New Culture Cast starring the phenomenal Gorehound, Nick, and Jen. Did they strike gold?

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ANCC: S-Town

“It’s a podcast about a podcast!” Join the Gorehound, Nick, and Jen as they discuss the blockbuster podcast, S-Town. Be aware, spoilers galore ahead. What’s all this buzz about?

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ANCC: Power Rangers (2017)

GO GO ALL-NEW CULTURE CAST! Follow up to last weeks episode, the Gorehound and Nick talk the new Power Rangers theatrical release, along with some follow-up discussion on the original. What worked? What flopped? It’s morphin’ time!

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ANCC: Kevin Smith’s Podcasts

Pushing through with Kevin Smith Month, the All-New Culture Cast reviews two podcasts, Hollywood Babble-On and Jay And Silent Bob Get Old. So how much did Jen hate this one? Did the Cast tear them apart and was it a surprising delight? Check it out!

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ANCC: Best of 2016

First episode of the new year! What made the list? What did the Gorehound, Thor, and Jen think of 2016 movies? Check out this episode to get it all!

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Episode 49: Catch Up!

Join Nick and The Gorehound as they discuss some of their recent reviews and musings.

“Three tomatoes are walkin’ down the street.
Papa Tomato, Mama Tomato and Baby Tomato.
Baby Tomato starts lagging behind, and Papa Tomato gets really angry.
Goes back and squishes him and says: “Ketchup.”

-Mia Wallace, Pulp Fiction

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EMPIRE – Live Tweet!

The hit FOX show Empire returns tonight!  To celebrate the return, I’m going to do a live Tweet!  Never done this before, so hopefully it won’t be completely screwed up!


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This is why it takes me forever to edit an episode.

Leftover Questions: Jurassic World Edition (Spoiler Warning)

I saw Jurassic World this weekend.  It was fun movie for what it was and, for modern blockbusters, incredibly restrained in its action – kind of refreshing to see.  However, there were just some nagging questions that remained after I left the theater.

There are spoilers, so you have been properly warned!


1. Owen used to be in the Navy which apparently led him to his work with the raptors. What about his naval experience makes him an expert at training wild animals, let alone dinosaurs?

2. What exactly is InGen? In the first two movies, they seemed to be the company that created the dinosaurs. Here, they act as some militarized force of security.  What is their relationship to Jurassic World?

3. Why is Owen sexually harassing a supervisor? Sure, he might think it is flirting, but she is clearly not into it, but he keeps going.

4. Speaking of which, how long ago was their first (and only) date? Why is Owen coming off this strong/creepy after only one date (that neither one of them actually seemed to enjoy).

5. Does Owen really live in a van down by the river?

6. Why didn’t anybody check right away for the I-Rex’s tracking device when they failed to notice the heat signature in paddock?

7. How come Owen is the only one in the entire park that ever notices something strange or realizes a bad idea?

8. Why does the control room give her the silent blame treatment after the first I-Rex attack? That was completely outside her control and, to be fair, not really her responsibility in the first place.

9. Why doesn’t Jurassic World have any sort of override in place to prevent exactly what the two kids did with the gyrosphere?

10. How come Jurassic World has absolutely no contingency plans in case any of the dinosaurs get loose? Granted, the I-Rex is a new dinosaur, so they are learning the ropes with her, but what about the pterosaurs?

11. Speaking of that, why breed pterosaurs (or that many) in the first place since they cannot be easily contained?

12. How come the I-Rex is able to display new abilities right when the movie needs her to? Did she read the script? She probably read the script.

13. How come what the I-Rex was genetically culled from was classified to the park trainers and, of all people, Masrani? Shouldn’t that be something the CEO is automatically be allowed to know?

14. For that matter, before beginning, how come Masrani didn’t give a final approval?

15. How come Jurassic World’s designers not cannibalize the remains of the old park? Why were there cars, tools, and other useful items just abandoned?

16. How did the I-Rex get inside the old park visitor center when was in-closed and the doors were shut?

17. How did the kids get the old jeeps working? True, they were able to quickly swap out an engine (somehow), but where did they get the gas from to operate it? And if they did have gas, how is that gas even still good after 20 years?

18. Why does Owen (who has a gun) do absolutely nothing to help Hoskins from getting eaten? Sure, he didn’t care for the guy, but Owen pretty much allows him to die.

19. Where did all the visitors go after the pterosaur attack? Were they completely ferried off the island before the final showdown?

20. How can Claire outrun a T-Rex in high heels? How can she outrun a T-Rex, period?

21. Why does the 4th raptor coming running out to attack the I-Rex? Shouldn’t that raptor still think the I-Rex is her alpha since she wasn’t there when Owen reestablished his connection with the other three?

22. Why do the T-Rex and the raptor have a bro moment? Doesn’t that go against everything else established about these creatures in this film series so far?

23. How does Lowery make his way out of the control center? He was the last one there and the ferries are a good mile (or more) away with a T-Rex and Raptor on the loose.

The Gorehound Reviews: Extraterrestrial (’14)

Up today is an entry into the never disappointing genre and 90% of the Gorehound’s movie repertoire, teen slashers- five teens getting slashed in a more often than not, a cabin in the woods. It’s a combination that strikes gold for this ferocious flickster: drinking, screaming, stupid/questionable decisions, and most important slashing- all wrapped up into 90 minutes of cinematic pleasure. Brought together by the Vicious Brothers (who are only known for the well-made, but not excellent, Grave Encounters), Extraterrestrial strikes gold.


The story of Extraterrestrial isn’t very unique, more along the lines of a teen slasher than an alien invasion and certainly no friendly neighborhood E.T. but just as appealing to horror-focused folks. This movie hits all the necessary points for an entertaining sci-fi/horror flick. Some teens, each a different stereotype, head into the woods for a night of fun but unfortunately, an agreement between the government and aliens has gone wrong and vengeance must be paid on these poor and stupid souls.

A common disappointment among alien sci-fi movies is the lack of extraterrestrial imagery. Suspense is a wonderful aspect of horror and should be utilized, but when aliens are involved, seeing them is a necessary requirement. We must see the aliens. Without any sight of them, I feel that the director is thoughtless and has little vision. Sure, if suspense is what you’re going, then great, but more often than not, the Gorehound needs ALIENS.

HNFNsThis movie has hints of Signs (’02). Obviously, it’s not as good as Signs because there is no Phoenix or Gibson and the sights of aliens are nowhere near as intense. The sight of the aliens in Signs is like a lightning strike to the viewer, which is excellent for that style where the story is crucial… but in teen slashers, which aren’t aiming for awards or recognition, just horror or science fiction, additional imagery of the aliens is more rewarding than fewer scenes. If the Gorehound rents a low-budget alien movie from Family Video, there better be multiple scenes of aliens.

None of the characters are attractive or appealing to look at so we’re not really focusing on them. Melanie’s overdose was ridic (fun fact: her real name is Melanie Papalia… and who the shit ODs during an alien invasion? The Gorehound would hands down prefer death by aliens, than death by drugs). The alien coverage was wonderful (i.e., we saw a shit-ton of aliens). The cop is the most sensible and likable of the characters. The aliens are just unique enough, but still not straight from some obscure universe. We have expectations here and we’re still in the milk way here…. In addition, there was an ass probing, which isn’t seen too often. Kind of forgot the notion that many abductees reference probing.

When Netflix asked whether the Gorehound liked this movie or not, he said “I really liked it.” There were a few moments when the Gorehound felt disappointed, at which point the story took a quick turn, like the fake out ending, which abruptly turned into a government coverup. Regardless, teen slasher+aliens+fake outs=4/5

PS Many kudos for including a “Smoking Man” at the end. The Gorehound has high respect for X-Files.

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