Zack & Nick's Culture Cast

Digesting the lowest rung of pop culture so you don't have to!


Who We Are and How We Came to Be:
In mid-2009, Zack and Nick worked on a podcast about little-known or little-loved movies. Cult It or Can Itas it was known, started off well enough, but soon turned into reviews of newer movies as well. And then, disaster struck: the software quit working, and they weren’t smart enough to fix it.

In 2011, like a phoenix rising from the flame, Zack and Nick retooled their podcast into The Culture Cast with Zack and Nick!  With a slightly more slick and professional look (though never leaving their fly-by-night style), The Culture Cast promises to become the Chicago area’s finest podcast and blog.  Covering movies, television, books, and more, Zack, Nick, and their contributors strive to dissect the lowest rung of pop-culture so you don’t have to!

Come discover their bi-weekly podcasts (the bread and butter of TCC).  Or, check out the ever-growing list of recurring features.

Keeping Up with the ‘Cast:
Keep checking the blog.  It is updated at least 3-5 times a week.  You can also subscribe to notifications whenever there is a new post through the RSS Feed.

The Culture Cast is also on social media.  You can interact with the crew and other fans.

The Crew:
They are a rag-tag team striving to provide readers with copious amounts of entertainment and unsolicited opinions!

Zack (aka CultureCast-Z)
Zack is one half of The Culture Cast.  His favorite films are typically genre pictures – action/adventure, science fiction, and martial arts – and some of his favorite actors include Liam Neeson, Nicolas Cage, Jackie Chan, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, and Michael Fassbender. He enjoys to writing about man’s psychological struggle against the elements, failed Hollywood projects/films, and movies that affected his life significantly in some way. He is also unnaturally obsessed with films released in the year 1995 and typically tries to see successes where others have seen failures.  He’ll often attempt to champion a film or project that is much reviled by the general public. He loves a good underdog.  Zack’s Posts

Nick is the other half of this fly-by-night operation.  He generally has a wide-range of film interests and is willing to check out any film if his mood is right.  He appreciates films with “out there” or “high” concepts, and enjoys a good comedy.  He has a soft-spot for films from the 1980s and can typically find positives in an otherwise bad films.  Nick is completely fascinated with Hollywood’s obsession with film franchises and the audiences’ reaction towards them (and fandom, in general).  He also take an entertaining bad movie over a well-made dull one any day of the week.  Nick’s Posts

Kyle (aka TheGorehound)
The Gorehound likes to share his feelings and thoughts on the rare gems or cult favorites in the horror genre. His favorite films are usually slashers or creature features, but he also ventures into science fiction flicks. He dabbles with kung fu, but that’s not what really gets him going. When other people curl up to a good book for a peaceful night, this guy finds his tranquility in a few buckets of cinematic blood and guts or a good old fashioned stalking.  He has occasionally pinch hit as a guest host for the podcast when Zack is out of town.  Kyle’s Posts

Bill has been called upon as a special guest host for the podcast when Nick isn’t around.

Mandy helps The Culture Cast out on the technical end by providing voice overs and other fine introductions for each of our podcast episodes!

Contact Us:
Do you have suggestions, comments, or advice for us to make our site better?  Are there movies or other media you’d like us to check out?  Send us a message at either the comment section below or our social media sites.  You can also email us at



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