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All-New Culture Cast

sode Welcome to the All-New Culture Cast, Chicagoland’s “finest” podcast!  The shoddiness and contempt for their audience is what makes it Chicagoland’s finest podcast.  Join Nick, The Gorehound, Jen, and Cousin Charles every episode where they will incoherently discuss movies, TV shows, and other interesting elements of popular culture.  They do this, because there is a clear lack of it already on the internet!

New episodes are released two-to-three times a month, and new episodes are released Monday nights.  While a large net is being cast when it comes to our topics, the focus will be placed on movies.  However, they won’t be discussing films that are either just-released or still in theaters.  They will strive to discuss things that you, the listeners, will be able to get either on DVD or through streaming.

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2015 Episodes

Episode 1.  Jurassic World
Episode 2.  Mark Duplass Appreciation
Episode 3.  It Follows
Episode 4.  Horror Movies
Episode 5.  The X-Files (1993-2002)
Episode 6.  WolfCop
Episode 7.  TV Shows (2015 Edition)
Episode 8.  Happy Horror Days
Episode 9.  Kung Fury
Episode 10. 2016 Movie Preview
Episode 11. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Episode 12. A Very Murray Christmas

2016 Episodes

Episode 13. Bone Tomahawk
Episode 14. Big Trouble in Little China
Episode 15. Snake Plissken
Episode 16. Captain Ron
Episode 17. The Joneses
Episode 18. Robot Overlords
Episode 19. Goats
Episode 20. The X-Files: Season 10
Episode 21.  Fuller House Audio Commentary
Episode 22.  C2E2 2016
Episode 23.  Turbo Kid
Episode 24.  Things We Don’t Like
Episode 25.  Interconnected Cinema
Episode 26.  Things We Like (That Everybody Else Hates)
Episode 27.  Favorite Video Games
Episode 28.  What the F’ is Culture?
Episode 29.  Favorite Superheroes
Episode 30.  Keanu/John Wick
Episode 31.  The Running Man
Episode 32.  Lucy
Episode 33.  The 5th Wave
Episode 34.  HBO Sunday Night (Spring 2016 Edition)
Episode 35.  Independence Day
Episode 36.  DuPage Mighty Con
Episode 37.  Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Episode 38.  Batman: The Killing Joke (Comic)
Episode 39.  Ghostbusters
Episode 40.  The 21st Century’s 100 Greatest Films
Episode 41.  The Book of Mormon
Episode 42.  Favorite Disney Movies
Episode 43.  The Blair Witch Project
Episode 44.  Bridget Jones
Episode 45.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Episode 46.  Donnie Darko
Episode 47.  Election Special: Favorite Fictional Presidents
Episode 48.  TV Revivals: A New Trend?
Episode 49.  Catch Up!
Episode 50.  Krampus
Episode 51.  Gremlins

2017 Episodes

Episode 52.  Best of 2016
Episode 53.  2017 Preview!
Episode 54.  Irish Honeymoon – Part One
Episode 55.  Irish Honeymoon – Part Two
Episode 56.  Clerks
Episode 57.  Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Episode 58.  Kevin Smith’s Podcasts
Episode 59.  Yoga Hosers
Episode 60.  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Episode 61.  Catch Up!, Vol. 2
Episode 62.  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Retrospective
Episode 63.  Power Rangers (2017)
Episode 64.  S-Town
Episode 65.  Hop
Episode 66.  C2E2 2017
Episode 67.  Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return
Episode 68.  Green Lantern (2011)
Episode 69.  Clueless
Episode 70.  Wonder Woman (2017)
Episode 71.  The Music of Ke$ha
Episode 72.  The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 3)
Episode 73.  Handmaid’s Tale
Episode 74.  The Flash (Season 3)
Episode 75.  Doctor Strange (2016)
Episode 76.  Game of Thrones (Season 7)
Episode 77.  Riverdale (Season 1)
Episode 78.  Maximum Overdrive
Episode 79.  Victor Frankenstein
Episode 80.  The Monster Squad
Episode 81.  Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein
Episode 82.  Son of Frankenstein/Ghost of Frankenstein
Episode 83.  Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man/House of Frankenstein/House of Dracula
Episode 84.  Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
Episode 85.  Dirty John
Episode 86.  The Death of Superman
Episode 87.  Thor: Ragnarok
Episode 88.  The Nightmare Before Christmas
Episode 89.  What Makes a Christmas Movie?

2018 Episodes

Episode 90.  A Christmas Prince
Episode 91.  Bright
Episode 92.  The End of the F***king World
Episode 93.  Crisis on Earth-X
Episode 94.  Altered Carbon
Episode 95.  Oscars 2018
Episode 96.  Betting on Zero
Episode 97.  A Very Fatal Podcast
Episode 98.  The X-Files (Season 11)
Episode 99.  C2E2 2018
Episode 100.  100th Episode Spectacular!
Episode 101.  Get Out
Episode 102.  Veronica
Episode 103. Catch Up!, Part 3: The Catch Uppening (coming soon)
Episode 104. Thor Trilogy (coming soon)
Episode 105. Set It Up (coming soon)
Episode XXX. Sharknado (coming soon)
Episode XXX. Jaws (coming soon)


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