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Set It Up

It’s Netflix-produced rom com time! Join the Cast for the latest edition.

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It’s time for the Thor trilogy… that is, the Thor-ology! Listen in on the lively discussion amongst the Gorehound, Nick, Cuz, and Jovial Jen.

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Nick and the Gorehound talk scary this week! What’s the hype around Verónica? With claims of Netflix’s “scariest movie ever” and headlines such as “Netflix horror movie ‘Veronica’ is so scary people are turning it off …” what’s the All-New Culture Cast’s take?! Check it out!

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ANCC 102

ANCC: Bright

Up next on the ANCC agenda, Netflix’s Bright! Is it worth the watch? How does the crew feel about the buddy cop movie crossed with a modern day Lord of the Rings crossed with a commentary of racism crossed with yadda, yadda, yadda… Check it out!

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ANCC: A Christmas Prince

Check out the latest edition of the All-New Culture Cast as they discuss the Netflix produced movie, A Christmas Prince. Netflix threw the bait out and ANCC bit! How was it? Did the lead actress get her prince? It’s predictable!

Apologies on the distortion on the audio. Technical difficulties that will surely be addressed in future episodes.

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The Last Jedi Was an Enormous Piece of Shit (Spoilers, but seriously who fucking cares)

I’ll start by saying I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, though I loved the original trilogy as a child. I saw all of the 1997 re-releases in theaters, and as a 14-year-old, Lucas’ changes never really bothered me (except for the bizarre musical number additions in Return of the Jedi). I was ultra mega-hyped for The Phantom Menace and saw it in theaters multiple times. It had its share of the goods (Maul, Neeson as a Jedi, McGregor’s performance) but was largely a disappointing film. Attack of the Clones is one of the worst big-budget movies ever made and proof that there needs to be more oversight with famous Hollywood directors. Even Revenge of the Sith was a bit underwhelming — for every cool part, there was stuff like “younglings” to turd up the film. 2015’s The Force Awakens just plain works for me. Sure, it apes A New Hope, but so what? That was kind of the point. The J.J. Abrams film set out to put Star Wars back on the “right” course and succeeded. The Last Jedi, released into theaters worldwide last weekend, is a massive disappointment and largely takes a giant shit on Abrams’ preceding film.


The Last Jedi opens directly after the events of The Force Awakens. It always bothers me when films do this. Give us a few months or some time to breathe at least. The First Order spends the entirety of the film chasing after the Resistance, largely decimating them through superior firepower, and getting one-upped along the way like a fucking Saturday morning cartoon. General Hux and Kylo Ren all but shake their first at the Resistance like they’re frustrated small town cops and the Resistance are about to cross the county line and thus leaving the jurisdiction of the local police. It’s ridiculous, cartoon-y horse shit. Meanwhile, Rey meets up with Luke Skywalker, the beloved character many children idolized in the 80s and 90s. The first thing he does? Toss his lightsaber over his shoulder and walk away like he doesn’t give a fuck, as if to say “Oh, you like Star Wars? You like Luke Skywalker? Well, fuck you.” Back on the Resistance ships, intrepid flyboy pilot Oscar Isaac (I don’t remember his character’s name, maybe Poe or Doe or something … it doesn’t matter because he does basically nothing during a two-and-a-half hour movie) is upset that a lady is in charge of the Resistance, even though another lady had already been in charge of the Resistance immediately before. Also, the once Princess, now General, Leia uses force powers she’s never utilized before to become Space Jesus and save herself from dying in the vacuum of deep space (seriously) after her ship is blown apart.

And then there’s a third, completely superfluous plot, where Finn and some unknown Resistance mechanic or something (I think her name is Rose — I don’t remember for sure but she has the cheesiest dialogue in the entirety of the Star Wars movies and that is fucking saying something) use 1960s original series Star Trek logic (Like putting too much air in a balloon! And something happens!) to figure out that the First Order can track ships through hyperspace. This is the most ridiculous subplot of the film. They have to race off to a casino planet named Canto Bight (are we just putting random words together now to name things?) to meet a “slicer” (the Star Wars universe slang for a hacker, not co-founder of this blog Nick Slicer, though that would have ruled) who can get them safely onto a First Order spaceship so they can disable the tracker and the Resistance can escape via hyperspace. Oh, and this entire plot is meaningless because it’s kept secret from the new General Lady. The casino planet is populated by rejects from the prequel series and there’s also the following bullshit: 1) an alien horse race, complete with subplot about abusive handlers, 2) a random alien who thinks BB-8 is a casino game and shoves coins into him (this comes into play stupidly later), and 3) a bunch of children, who display acting qualities somehow worse than the aforementioned “younglings” in Revenge of the Sith, for Rey and Rose to sympathize with for some reason.

Did I mention that all this takes place over the course of about a twelve hour period? And this is despite the fact that several days obviously pass on Ach-To, where Luke decides to train Rey for the hell of it? Unless days on Ach-To are like two hours long, I’m not buying it. Oh, and Rey also somehow has time to form a love connection with Kylo Ren (the only character who walks away largely unscathed) by using Facebook Messenger of the mind (Forcebook Messenger?)? And that Supreme Leader Snoke, a character with literally zero backstory, is unceremoniously killed by Kylo Ren in the dumbest death scene in recent movie memory? And that the film somehow finds time to also kill off fan favorite Admiral Ackbar but barely acknowledges it on screen? And that Captain Phasma, who is wearing perhaps the coolest motherfucking armor in the Star Wars universe and is played by a towering woman who is 6’3” tall *and* a fan favorite on Game of Thrones dies in the most cliched manner ever, having accomplished nothing over the course of two films?

Eventually, because the plot demands it, the remains of the Resistance (something like seven smallish ships worth of people) “escape” to a planet made of salt or something except the salt is red I guess. They are immediately confronted by an armada’s worth of First Order forces and a gigantic laser cannon designed to blast open fortress doors. Despite not being pilots, Finn and Rose join Poe and a bunch of no-names who can die without emotional ties to the story in flying essentially crop dusting planes towards the laser cannon in an attempt to do… something? Finn wants to sacrifice himself to destroy the cannon, but Rose intentionally crashes into him (what?) to save him, nearly killing herself in the process (COME ON!). Because despite the fact that the two have zero on-screen chemistry and have known each other for less than a day, she “loves” him. Gag. Seriously, did George Lucas secretly script this himself? Then, Luke Skywalker shows up and has a stare down with Kylo Ren. Ren slices him with a lightsaber, but Skywalker is actually *surprise* an apparition. Because fuck having a showdown between a massively popular pop culture figure and the only interesting character in the new trilogy.

During the showdown, the Resistance manage to follow crystal foxes (SERIOUSLY, what?) through the salt mines to escape on the Millennium Falcon together. Because the Falcon can be wherever we need it to be and can accommodate as many people as the plot demands at all times. Luke dies on Ach-To because projecting himself across the galaxy was too much for him. Yes, Luke dies without ever leaving that stupid fucking island. Fuck you, everybody who has been a fan of Star Wars since childhood! Your hero is dead! Then, the film ends on perhaps the most insulting moment ever. Remember those hobo children on Canto Bight? No? That’s ok, because neither did I. Except that it’s not ok, because one of the hobo children now sports a “Rebel” ring and uses the force to play with his broom like he’s the fucking sorcerer’s apprentice. I am not making this up.

The Last Jedi was an enormous turd of a movie and a huge disappointment as the middle chapter of the new trilogy. Rian Johnson took everything great and well-known about Star Wars movies and seemingly dropped trou and plopped all over them. He simultaneously took all the mystery out of the new franchise, answering it poorly I might add, while also making me completely uninterested in the final installment of the new trilogy. That’s kind of the biggest crime here — there’s seemingly nowhere interesting for JJ Abrams to go with the final installment and I have absolutely no desire to see how the new trilogy concludes. When The Force Awakens ended, I was thrilled. I wanted to see what Luke and company would do about the First Order and Kylo Ren. Turns out, not much. This movie completely killed my interest in a third film and left me cold as someone who was actually invested in the new trilogy. Seriously, they fired Colin Trevorrow but were happy with this? It boggles the mind.


ANCC: The Nightmare Before Christmas

All-New Culture Cast assemble! Join them as they discuss the 1993 classic Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Despite the Gorehound not reviewing the movie prior to recording and Nick only catching it within the past few years, they have a lively conversation about the genre bending qualities, the unorthodox love story, and the beautiful animation and score. Check out this week’s edition starring the Gorehound and Nick (and a cameo by the Graveyard Queen)!

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ANCC: Thor: Ragnarok

The All-New Culture Cast strikes again! Join the ANCC as they discuss the new Thor: Ragnarok movie. This is two-member episode featuring the Gorehound and Jolly Jen.

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ANCC: The Handmaid’s Tale

Check out this week’s edition of the All-New Culture Cast discussing The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu. How did the the Gorehound and Jen feel about this dystopian story? Love it or hate it, give it a listen!

Apologies on the background noise, courtesy of North Avenue. Didn’t realize it would be picked up.

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ANCC: Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

Check out a completely random movie review with the All-New Culture Cast starring the phenomenal Gorehound, Nick, and Jen. Did they strike gold?

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