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ANCC: No Episode Tonight!

Due to some technical difficulties, there will not be an episode of All-New Culture Cast tonight.  But don’t worry, we plan to be back next week with an in-depth discussion on the 2014 horror/comedy WolfCop!

In the meantime, please check out some of our other episodes!  You can access the index here!



The All-New Culture Cast!

After many months of planning and setting down groundwork (and one weekend of slapping it all together), we are finally ready to announce an brand new podcast show coming to The Culture Cast!  Get ready for Monday, October 5th for the world-premiere of the All-New Culture Cast!


“Where every episode is all-new!”

Yes, we were really clever with that title.  You will be able to join Kyle (aka the Gorehound) and me every episode where we will discuss movies, TV shows, and other interesting elements of popular culture.  We do this, because there is a clear lack of amount of it already on the internet.

We already have several episodes in the can and hope to release a new episode two-to-three times a month.  Each release will be on a Monday night.  While we are casting a large net when it comes to our topics, a focus will be place on movies.  However, we won’t be discussing films that are either just-released or still in theaters.  We are going to strive to discuss things that you, the listeners, will be able to get either on DVD or through streaming.

Now, you might wonder what happened to The Culture Cast with Zack and Nick.  Our last episode was waaaay back in March 2014.  While we were, at first, on an indefinite hiatus, we have since decided to close that show down.  Sadly, many of our old episodes have been deleted off of the server and are inaccessible.  I am trying to recover them, but I currently only have the files to about half.  My intent is to eventually re-upload them at a later date.  More info on that as it develops.

Before you ask, unfortunately, Zack has effectively retired from podcasting, so he will not be joining us on this new show.  I’ll still try to get him to do an occasional guest spot, but don’t hold your breath on that one.  But don’t worry!  He is still writing articles here on the blog!

So, that’s the update!  Be tuned in here next Monday, October 5th for the launch of the All-New Culture Cast! It is going to be great!


Three Years? More Like Three Beers! (Yeah…that makes no sense)

As is every year this day since 2011, it is The Culture Cast‘s anniversary!  Thanks to everyone who has followed-us for the past three years!


Those keeping track probably noticed our output isn’t nearly as big this year as it was in the past.  Lots of reasons for that: professional and personal matters for the us here at The Culture Cast have really prevented us from giving you the reviews, opinions, and other nonsensical ramblings that no one asked for.  We hope to get back on track with that in the near future (particularly the podcasts which are currently on an indefinite hiatus).

Even still, Zack, Kyle, and I currently have a body of work that includes 736 articles and 79 podcast episodes.  We are proud of that body of work for what is, essentially, a hobby for us.  We truly hope that our 224 WordPress followers, 42 Facebookers, and 14 Tweeters enjoy what we do as well.

Do you have suggestions, comments, or advice for us to make our site better?  Are there movies or other media you’d like us to check out?  Send us a message at either the comment section below or our social media sites.  You can also email us at

From The Culture Cast, thanks for the past three years and to many more!


Didn’t We Use to Do a Podcast?

When Zack and I started The Culture Cast, we had one simple goal in mind: become the driving force of the internet surpassing the popularity of cat videos and pornography combined.  We eventually scaled back our ambition, but those of you who follow us probably noticed that, besides American Hustle, we haven’t had a new podcast episode up in nearly two months.  Don’t worry, we’ve noticed that too.  Normally, we hold our followers in contempt and just assume they will blindly follow us no matter what schlock we put out.  But we also realize that’s a poor business plan, so it is probably good to say what’s been going on.

See, at first, we just needed some time off to recharge our juices (plus the busyness December holidays didn’t help much).  We were planning to restart after the New Year.  However, we’ve been having huge technical issues with 1) the original programs we used to record the podcasts stopped being compatible with each other, and 2) my headset microphone completely crapped out and my attempts to replace/fix it have been for naught thus far (seriously – it was fine since I got it a year ago and then it just stopped working – I have no idea why!).

We want to get back to making “quality” contemporary commentaries on movies, TV shows, and other pop-culture topics for all to “enjoy”.   In the meantime, please continue to check out our frequent movie reviews and recurring features such as What Went Wrong and Trek Tuesday.  And we’ll be back with a brand-new podcast episode real soon!


Trek Tuesday: Whatever Happened to Trek Tuesday?


Those who have been following The Culture Cast might have noticed that the weekly feature, Trek Tuesday, has been somewhat sporadic the last few weeks.  After the entry on “These Are The Voyages…”, I took a week off.  Going for over six months straight, I needed a break.  We went for two more weeks with a look back at Star Trek Into Darkness and then a review of Free Enterprise.  Last week was another off-week due to me being horribly sick and unable to really write anything coherent.

Again, today, I don’t have an entry up (well, not a real entry – this doesn’t count).  Truth be told, I am struggling on where to take this feature next.  I don’t want to fold it as there is plenty to talk about in the Star Trek franchise.  But the next direction is currently an unknown.  Do I discuss the various two-parters?  Do I talk about the fandom in general?  The parodies and/or knock-offs (Lord knows there are plenty of them).  Thefan films?  shudder.  So, there places I want to go, but just not sure where to proceed.

Don’t worry; I’m working on this as we speak.  And we’ll be back next week with Trek Tuesday’s brand new direction!


Welcome to Flash Month!

Ahoy, faithful followers!  If you are like me and follow The Flash, you’ve probably noticed that there is a ton of Flash-related stuff coming out this month!  Okay, chances are you are not like me and don’t really care all that much about the DC Comic speedster.

That’s okay.

But, since I do run a Flash feature here at The Culture Cast, and there is a lot of Flash-related stuff coming out during the month of September, I decided to declare this month “Flash Month” here at The Culture Cast.

So what is this going to include?  Well, those of you would follow us know that I have a monthly Speed Reading feature in which I review the latest issue of The Flash (which I am a bit behind on – oops), and this month, DC Comics are releasing three Flash comics as a tie-in to their “Villains Month” theme.  I’ll be covering those and the other issues I need to get caught up on.

In addition, I plan on looking back at some pre-New 52 storylines, possibly write up an editorial or two, and will likely review the recently released The Flashpoint Paradox (which, not surprisingly, largely features the Flash).

I might throw in some other stuff as we go along as well.  Who knows…anything is up for grabs!

September 2013 is “Flash Month”!  We’ll begin tomorrow with my review of The Flash Annual #2.


Two Years!

Can you believe it, ladies and gentlemen?  Today marks The Culture Cast with Zack & Nick’s second anniversary!  We have been coming at you with unsolicited opinions on movies, television shows, and other entertainment media for two years now!

As of today, we have 446 articles, 154 WordPress followers (over 100 more than we did last year at this time), and 50 podcasts (50th episode to be released later tonight)!  In addition, we have 34 “likes” on Facebook, and 10 Twitter followers.  This all might not seem like much (especially Twitter – but then we don’t pay attention to that as much), but it is more than either Zack, Kyle, and I could have expected from our fly-by-night operation.

In the past year, we have launched a number of recurring features including popular classics such as “What Went Wrong?” and newer ones like “Trek Tuesday”.  We are still largely a three-person operation, but we work hard to get stuff updated here three to five times a week for everyone to enjoy.  Also, our podcast, the bread and butter of TCC, became a weekly thing this past year.  Be sure to check those out!

As always, you can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.  Do you have suggestions, comments, or advice for us to make our site better?  Are there movies or other media you’d like us to check out?  Send us a message at either the comment section below or our social media sites.  You can also email us at

Thanks to everyone who has been with us!

Cult It or Can It

Before Zack and I started up The Culture Cast, we did another podcast: Cult It or Can It.  Starting in late summer 2009, this show initially focused on little known and/or loved movies.  Zack was the solo host and had a series of rotating guest hosts.  Eventually, the show expanded its range and suffered with me as solo guest host.  Sadly, we crashed and burned in 2011 due to technical problems.

However, we had nearly 50 episodes.  I did not want that history to be forgotten, so as an extra special feature, I linked all of the Cult It or Can It episodes (with their original release date) after the cut.  It is an incredibly crude start for us, but it is where we cut our teeth and discovered our niche.

Enjoy!  ~N

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