Zack & Nick's Culture Cast

Digesting the lowest rung of pop culture so you don't have to!


We have multiple features at The Culture Cast.  Most do not have a set schedule.  Some continue on while others are retired.  Why not check some of these out?

Current Features:
These are our currently and semi-regularly updated features.  Check back often to keep up with the latest installments.

Sometimes a movie or TV show is so inexplicably awful and mind-baffling stupid that the only way to analyze it is by taking it down scene by scene.  Nick decided to take on that task on with some of the worst of the worst and bizarre of the bizarre.

Classic Cinema
Nick takes a look at what are generally considered to be classic films (ones he hasn’t seen) and how they hold up today with a slightly modern viewpoint.

Disappointing Childhood Movies
Zack looks back and comes to terms with the films that disappointed him as a child.

Franchise Fracas!
Join Nick as he looks at and breaks down various film franchises!

Game of Thrones
Join Zack every Monday as he reviews the latest episode of the award winning HBO medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones.

Of All Years…1995?
Join Zack as he dives into one of his stranger movies viewing quirks: the relatively uneventful year in film that is 1995!

Speed Reading!
Join Nick as he reviews the continuing adventures of The Flash, starting with Issue 1 from the New52 (released September 2011)!  He might look at other comic book titles as well, so don’t hold it against him if he does!

Star Wars: Legacy
Nick is going through each collected edition of the popular Star Wars: Legacy comic series by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema.  He has never read these before, so go on this journey with him each Friday as he looks at each collection in publication order.

Join Zack as he looks at each new episode from the popular, long-running reality show Survivor.

Trek Tuesday
Each Tuesday, Nick will look at various episodes, movies, and other Star Trek related topics.  It is a bit of a hodgepodge of whatever he wants to talk about, but each batch of posts will have some sort of theme attached to it.

What Ever Happened To…?
We take a look at past actors, directors, and other entertainment personalities who were once big or on the cusp of stardom when they simply vanished.  Where did they go and where are they now?  We have the answers!

What Went Wrong?
Zack takes a look at various films that completely bombed, underperformed, or misfired.  He analyzes the facts and creates a theory about what prevented these movies from being successful.

Retired Features:
These are past features which are no longer updated due to either coming to a natural end or realizing nothing more could be done with them.

25 Days of Christmas
In 2012, Nick looked at one Christmas film a day from December 1st to the 25th.  It was a ho-ho-ho jolly time!

Friday Five
Join us (almost) every Friday as we take some topic centering on film genres, Hollywood media, cultural element, etc and create a Top 5 list for it.  The Friday Five will be very open with topics and what the five will actually consist of (best, worst, favorite, etc).


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