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ANCC: Sharknado 1-3

Join the Gorehound and Cuz for a a look into the beginnings of the Sharknado series. It may be stupid but does it have any merit? Is it fun? Check it out!

To listen to the episode, click here or on the image below.


The Gorehound Reviews: Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015)

After the seemingly random success of Sharknado in 2013, the sequels were sure to come. I’d like to say that this movie has increased the popularity of B-movie creature features (one of the gorehound’s favorite genres) but it appears to be the only one to take off with such success. Unfortunately, nothing new is pulled in this entry and it’s the same old shit as the previous entries and nothing really different. Nothing really delivers and it’s trying too much to be like sharknado when it’s nothing more than prime time disappointment.


The story takes the gang up in through another shark-filled tornado, bringing nothing new to the game. They go through space and all over the place. The ending was disappointing because it basically tells us to only think about one thing, does Tara Reid live or die. Leave us with either a solid ending, and not a singular focus. I don’t mind Tara Reid’s role and it’s not as awful as everyone is saying it is. Everyone’s role was awful.

This movie offers some entertainment, albeit, completely commercial entertainment. Most characters are re-occurring but there are a lot of cameos which contribute to the entertainment. Honestly, every 5-10 minutes there is another cameo: Jerry Springer, a bunch of sports stars, WWE’s Chris Jericho, and even some UK pop stars. It keeps you looking and wondering where the next big corporation threw in their lot.

Sharknado-ImageThe movie is obviously crock full of shit… but the question is, is it entertaining enough to spend an hour thirty of your prime time television on? Yes, celebrity cameos, fun CGI, and cultural references are worth while. Unfortunately, it’s just another damn sharknado, but this time, every big company has placed their name in here in some way or another. The sponsors are unrelenting and ridiculous.

The only noteworthy thing to mention is Finley (Ian Ziering), the main protagonist. I would like to see him get some legit cult recognition in some sci-fi or horror movies. After sticking through three movies and his run in 90210, it’d be nice for him to breakthrough into some more gorehound-minded flicks. Of course, he is certain to be typecasted as that sharknado guy but that never stopped Englund from jumping into a shipload of movies.

Love the opening credits. Love the custom soundtrack. There really isn’t much else innovative or unique to write. It’s still a 3/5 but I’m never going to watch it again. Should you? No. Will you? I hope not. There’s much better entertainment out there and unless you want a movie full of old cultural references and cameos, this isn’t for you.

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