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Set It Up

It’s Netflix-produced rom com time! Join the Cast for the latest edition.

To listen to the episode, click here or on the image below!


ANCC: A Christmas Prince

Check out the latest edition of the All-New Culture Cast as they discuss the Netflix produced movie, A Christmas Prince. Netflix threw the bait out and ANCC bit! How was it? Did the lead actress get her prince? It’s predictable!

Apologies on the distortion on the audio. Technical difficulties that will surely be addressed in future episodes.

To listen to the episode, click here or on the image below!


ANCC: Bridget Jones

Check out the newest edition of the All-New Culture Cast! Still a trio but this is the first episode sans Nick as he is venturing the hills of Ireland in search of hidden sources of culture. Join the Gorehound, Jenn, and Thor in an incredibly off-topic podcast but an adventure nonetheless!

To listen to the episode, click here or on the image!


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