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ANCC: The End of the F****ing World

Check out the latest edition of the All-New Culture Cast! Keeping with an unofficial Netlflix-themed review series, the crew discuss The End Of the F***ing World. Where did it come from? Britain! Did anyone ask the ANCC to review it? No! So what?!

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ANCC: Bright

Up next on the ANCC agenda, Netflix’s Bright! Is it worth the watch? How does the crew feel about the buddy cop movie crossed with a modern day Lord of the Rings crossed with a commentary of racism crossed with yadda, yadda, yadda… Check it out!

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ANCC: A Christmas Prince

Check out the latest edition of the All-New Culture Cast as they discuss the Netflix produced movie, A Christmas Prince. Netflix threw the bait out and ANCC bit! How was it? Did the lead actress get her prince? It’s predictable!

Apologies on the distortion on the audio. Technical difficulties that will surely be addressed in future episodes.

To listen to the episode, click here or on the image below!


ANCC: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Season 3

Because they are strong as hell, Jen and Nick talk about the recent season of the Netflix hit, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!  What do they have to say about Kimmy’s latest adventures?  Check out this episode to find out!

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ANCC: A Very Murray Christmas

A surprise holiday treat!  Nick and the Gorehound talk the holidays and discuss the Netflix variety special, A Very Murray Christmas, starring Billy Murray and a bunch of other people who randomly thrown into it!  You know you want to get away from the family festivities to listen to us, so now is your chance!  It is a Christmas miracle!

To listen to the episode, you can click here or on the image.


Trek Tuesday: Netflix

Netflix streaming is great. Especially for Star Trek. As of this writing, the service has every episode from all six series and seven of the 12 movies to watch at any time as many times you want. It is wonderful for a Trekkie (and extremely useful when writing this column).   There was a rumor earlier this week that Netflix was considering producing a new Star Trek television series. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, it is probably not going to happen. At least anytime soon.


I am pretty sure that this rumor has been shot down by now. The Star Trek franchise already has enough confusing legal wrangling. Paramount has the rights to make new movies while CBS and Viacom co-own the rights to create new television shows. Adding Netflix in there would be another headache as, according to the first link above, CBS and Viacom have been known to not playing nice with each other when it comes to shared projects. While CBS has a friendly relationship with Netflix, Viacom has a relationship with Hulu. Even if Netflix might want to do a Star Trek series, there are other factors at play preventing that form really happening.

Plus, original Netflix series are still a very new thing. While there has been some initial success with House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, it still is to be seen if this is just a flash in the pan or if this type of programming will have legs. I think more of a solid answer can be made within another year or two (perhaps the success or failure of the in-production Marvel series will be the determining factor).

But, let’s pretend for a second that Netflix will be doing a Star Trek series. What kind of series could they do for it to be successful? Sure, the current movies are popular, but how will they translate that popularity to the small screen? After thinking about it, I have come up with four possible scenarios.  Please note: this is pure speculation. I cannot stress this enough!

1)  A Star Trek series that features the cast of the current movies going on adventures. The probability of this is likely low. Even though the reputation of television have favorably grown within the last ten years or so, given that all of the actors involved are in demand and will likely not have time to do episodic television.

2) A Star Trek animated series. This could feature the same characters as in the movies going on adventures (but not necessarily the same actors doing voice over work). I’m honestly surprised that this hasn’t happen yet. Many superhero franchises do this between movies in order to keep interest with kids between movie installments. With Star Trek considered “cool” now, this could be a slam dunk. Then again, why use Netflix to deliver an animated series?

3) A Star Trek series that features a new cast of characters on a new ship. Would likely take place in the current JJ Abrams universe. This would likely be one of the stronger options, but would people care about a new crew? One of the problems with the Rick Berman era of Star Trek was that each series, regardless of quality, drifted further and further away from the more iconic elements of Star Trek. The “pop-culture name recognition” wasn’t there so much which led Paramount to do a rebooted Kirk and Spock movie series. Then again, people probably thought the same thing when The Next Generation premiered in 1987 and that was a runaway success. I guess it could be a rebooted The Next Generation. Speaking of which…

4) A Star Trek mini-series that serves as a reunion for The Next Generation crew. I’d say the possibility for that is a 50/50. On one hand, the JJ Abrams reboot series is going strong. Why go back to the past in a previous continuity to make things confusing for the casual viewer with characters that haven’t been seen since 2002? The theory being : go forward, not backwards. On the other hand, The Next Generation was pretty popular in its day. While not at the level of Kirk and Spock, Picard and Data are pretty strong pop-culture icons in their own right. Viewers might want to revisit these characters, and the actors seem pretty positive of their time with Star Trek. I would not be surprised if they were willing to sign-up for a reunion. Plus, it would be on Netflix instead of network TV, with the rest of The Next Generation a click away for new viewers to check out. The idea of confusing evaporates immediately. Things like Arrested Development or Star Wars: The Clone Wars suggest this can be successful.

These are just my ideas. If (and that’s a big if) Netflix does create a new Star Trek television show, what would you want to see? Sound off below!


Review: Stitches (’12)

“I want more stitches!” – The Gorehound.

This movie is fantastic. Streaming on Netflix as of 4/21/2014 comes a movie, 2 years past, about some clown on a rampage. There’s little demand for clown-horror and nothing has ever topped It (’90) and likely nothing ever will but that’s not to say there isn’t any clown-horror. It’s surprising because many people maintain a strong fear of clowns and logically, shouldn’t there be many fearful horror movie s then? Perhaps a future analysis of clown-lacking horror movies is in pursuit…


Stitches is very entertaining and hits all the crucial horror elements. To add more credibility, the Gorehound’s graveyard queen says that this movie was “disgusting”. That adds like 25 points of awesome because she was still able to stick through it. When moviegoers get excited for the final battle or the fight scene, the Gorehound gets going when the blood splatters. The gore flows through this one. On par with early Peter Jackson.

PHCEBEbBlYpFGG_1_mOne aspect that really sets this film aside from other films is some slow motion sequences. Most often when the Gorehound comes home from a long day and just wants something entertaining to watch, he searches for some horror flick where 5 teens must escape some killer something. There is in incredible amount of movies with this same exact plotline but it’s very entertaining and relaxing. Similar to TV episodes where you have recurring characters and similar dilemmas, so do many horror movies follow this trend… and sometimes, these generic films offer something beautiful that makes you want to tell all your friends. Well this is one of those. Go watch this film. It’s different in very good ways.

Let’s delve into the plot… some kids accidentally kill a clown at their like their 6th or 7th birthday party. It was an accident and the kid is terribly distraught. Upon the clowns dying (and inability to finish the show he initially started), he is cursed and must eventually finish his show 6 years later (or when he is 17 years old or so). Upon this birthday party, the show is finally coming to an end. The clown comes back from the dead and tries to finish off the originally birthday party.

Gemma-Leah Devereux (Kate), Tommy Knight (Tom), and Shane Murray-Corcoran (Vinny). The primary troupe.

Gemma-Leah Devereux (Kate), Tommy Knight (Tom), and Shane Murray-Corcoran (Vinny). The primary troupe.

This film is great due to the following reasons: solid acting, story, unique kills, fun characters, and potential for a future enterprise. It still has the undefinable quality which makes all entertaining movies entertaining. I want more stitches. This clown (Ross Noble) is a 20th century killer that isn’t from some low-budget movie or Full Moon Pictures. I hope to see this guy in sequels to come and fill the ranks of Jason, Angela, and Freddy. 5/5

P.S. For additional clown-related horror movies, the Gorehound highly recommends Full Moon Picture’s Killjoy series.

The Arrested Development: Season 4 Podcast

And now the story of a cult show which Netflix revived and two guys with nothing better to do than talk about it.  It’s the Arrested Development: Season 4 podcast!

Click HERE or on the image to listen to the podcast.


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The New Season of Arrested Development Thus Far

The new, Netflix-exclusive fourth season of Arrested Development is now available for streaming. It has been … not so good thus far. I am just over halfway through this experimental fourth season, and while my feelings could change after seeing it together as a finished product, right now a part of me is wondering why they even bothered with this at all. Episodes have ranged from downright awful (both of George, Sr.’s eps) to terrible (Michael’s and Lindsey’s first eps) to passable (Tobias) to pretty good (Gob). Nothing has so far been nearly as funny as anything in the original three seasons of the show, however. The writing has been dense and layered like it was in the original run, but it just isn’t as clever or as funny (or as concise story-wise) as it was the first time around. Callbacks and celebrity cameos are also numerous and distracting. While the fourth season of Arrested Development hasn’t been a total failure, it is an outright disappointment thus far for me.

The principle cast returns for a new season of Arrested Development.

The principle cast returns for a new season of Arrested Development.

The brand-new season is, however, not without its apologists and staunch defenders online. I have read many passionate defenses of the fourth season of the show. I will say right off the bat – that is ok. Comedy is perhaps the most subjective of art forms. What someone else finds funny might be totally different than what I find funny. I have no problem with this whatsoever. I have found the split on the newest season of the show to be about 60% in favor and 40% more mixed – your experiences may vary from mine. What I do have a problem with, however, is seeing people continually apologizing for the low-points in the new season of the show. Why are these apologies necessary? Why should we cut the new Arrested Development season so much slack? It seems to me that if the show isn’t as good as it was before then we should be at least considering harshly criticizing it for the unnecessary bloat, sub-par jokes, and wild shifts in tone. If the show is outright bad (it isn’t), and I would argue that a few of the new episodes are pretty awful (though some have been delightful), then it deserves whatever criticism we heap upon it.

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