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BvS: Can We Gain Some Perspective on R-Ratings?

Word on the street is that the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, though rated PG-13 for theaters, will have a home video “Director’s Cut” release with a R-rating (for violence).  And people are losing their fucking minds over it.  I have seen nothing but overreactions with people thinking the film will somehow feature over-the-top gore, Batman dropping F-bombs, and hard-core nudity.  bvs.jpg

Are these people idiots?  Do they have no clue to how the MPAA rating system works?  .  The difference between a R and a PG-13 can be incredibly slim.  For example, Marvel’s The Avengers was originally rated R for the first couple of cuts.  Yes, the popcorn, family friendly, safe superhero film that was The Avengers was originally rated R due to Phil Coulson’s original death scene.  Once that got reworked, the film was cleared for a PG-13.

While BvS looks like a more somber film than The Avengers, I have little doubts that the changes for the Director’s Cut are ultimately minor and probably just feature a bit more violence like the aforementioned Coulson death scene.  The only difference is that Warner Bros. is open to releasing that cut to the public.

This is nothing new to the world of home video releases.  The 2000s, in particular, were home to many movies coming to DVD with a “unrated” version.  This is an extension of that trend and really shouldn’t surprised anyone.  Remember home media release of 2013’s The Wolverine or the extended versions of The Hobbit? Same thing.

Of course, logic and facts haven’t stopped anyone one from ignoring this and proceed with their own nonsensical beliefs.  The biggest one being that the reason BvS is getting a “R-rating” is because the recently-released Deadpool proved you can have a R-rated superhero movie (while forgetting such films as  Dredd, Kick-Ass, Watchmen, Blade, and Sin City among others).  Lets not forget that Deadpool‘s R-rating is for very, very different reasons that anything that would ever appear in a Batman/Superman movie.


Deadpool‘s influence has been vastly overstated.

While I am sure Deadpool‘s success was a factor, it was likely a minor one at that.  Deadpool came out less than two weeks ago meaning that if Warner Bros. decided right then on February 15 to do a R-rated version of BvS, that means they would have to bring back director Zack Snyder and his editors to reedit the film to push it to the R-rating, reedit the thing, and resubmit the film.  Then, the MPAA would have to schedule a time to watch it.

While not impossible, the timeline isn’t practical.  A Director’s Cut was likely already in the works well before Deadpool.  The only thing that Deadpool might have done to influence this decision is to actually list it as “R” as opposed to “unrated”.

Again, I remind readers of The Avengers and how that was originally rated R.

This bullshit overreaction needs to stop, and I really wish the collective that is the internet would gain some perspective.  Batman v. Superman will be an all-audiences film no different than Man of Steel or any Marvel film before it.  If Warner Bros. want to put out a slightly more violent version for comic book fans in addition the the theatrical version, then so be it.  This is something that has been going on for years.  Doesn’t mean it’s going to be a hard-R with Ben Affleck shouting “Are you retarded?  I’m the Goddamn Batman!”





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