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Pre-Wedding Nostalgia Fuel

For those who don’t know, I am getting married this summer.  To me, marriage is one of the “most adult” things someone can do.  You are completely sharing your life with someone else in a way that will fundamentally change you.  This feeling of maturity/responsibility is only second to having a child (I would imagine – I’m not there yet).

Now, you might be wondering where I am going with this.  Stay with me. I swear it’ll all make sense.

When the Gorehound and I did the 2016 movie preview podcast (listen here!) I noticed that there were a bunch of summer films coming out that I’m looking forward to mostly due to them connecting to my younger years and giving me some nostalgia.


I’ve always been a big Superman fan, so logically I am anticipating Batman v. Superman (despite my disappointment with Man of Steel) in March.  Then we go to Captain America: Civil War in May.  Cap was my guy in high school and the more I learn about this film, the more I feel it is Cap from the stories I grew up reading from the mid-90s and subsequently went back to read from the mid-80s.

Sort of moving away from the comic book genre, June brings us to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.  Judging from the trailer, this film looks even more like the 90s cartoon that I loved as a kid than the first film.  The Turtles were the thing for every kid back then.  I had so much Turtles crap too.  I don’t have it now, mind you. Which I don’t know is a good thing or a bad thing.  Good thing.  I’m going to go with good.

The only thing that rivaled Turtles for me was Ghostbusters.  I loved the Ghostbusters.  And I still somewhat regret giving away all the toys when I was a teen.  I still have some things, but I mostly regret getting rid of the firehouse playset.  That thing was awesome.  If you were a kid from the 80s, you know what I am talking about!  Anyway, July gives us a brand new Ghostbusters movie, and I am totally looking forward to it.  Screw the haters on this (more on that later this week).

Finally, this brings us to Star Trek Beyond, the film meant to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise.  I’m anticipating it to be a pretty big deal – these films usually are.  Trek, for me, was the first series that I really got into as I was becoming slightly older (9-10) and beginning to understand more complex storytelling and ideas.   It is also a franchise that I really got into during my teens and though my dedication to it has lessened over time, I’ve been following it since.

Star Trek Beyond is the last nostalgia-fueled movie that is coming out this year for me.  It also happens to be released the same weekend that I am getting married.  I tried to convince my bride-to-be that we had to change the wedding date.  Expectedly, she wasn’t amused my by joke.

All these movies coming out pretty much hit every single major player in my childhood fun (the only thing missing is He-Man), and they all run up to my wedding.  That’s when it hit me.  Given my views on marriage and how it is one of the most adult things to do with major adult responsibilities, it seems incredibly serendipitous that all these films are coming out right before I say “I do”.  I get one last time to really enjoy all the things that I loved as a kid, before I truly have to move beyond and let those things go.


Just do an epic convoluted crossover and take my money.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy stuff like Ghostbusters or Superman in the future nor that I will refuse to see any potential future installments of these particular series.  It is the symbolic nature of it.  The idea of growing up.

I don’t know if I truly believe in fate other than the romantic notion of it, but it tough to ignore how this lines up.  I don’t know, but it does seem fitting.  It is like fate is saying “Yep.  This is legit!  This is happening!”  It adds to the good feeling of change that will happen with my future bride and I will truly begin our lives together, and it add more excitement to my upcoming nuptials!



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