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Trek Tuesday: “Beyond” the Teaser

I was sitting here working on a new title track for the All-New Culture Cast when I realized that I haven’t done a Trek Tuesday in a while and there was something I really wanted to discuss. So, I’m tabling title track for now (which, to be honest, was going nowhere fast) to talk about the recently released first teaser trailer for Star Trek Beyond.

You can watch it here.

My initial reaction is that it’s…different. Not in a bad way. It is way too early for that kind of vibe. It is just that the previous twelve movies had some sort of “slow burn” to their teaser/trailers. There was a mystery involved and a sense of some sort of grand awe-inspiring adventure awaiting movie goers. Star Trek Beyond’s teaser focused primarily on intense action (which is in line with the rebooted Star Trek series). The difference in style can throw the dedicated trekker who wasn’t expecting that.

The change in style has caused a seemingly large negative reaction from the internet with some claiming that the new movie isn’t Star Trek and that incoming director Justin Lin doesn’t “get it” and is just making another Fast and Furious movie (mostly citing the motorcycle stunt featured in the teaser as evidence of this even though motorcycles as common vehicles were established and that Kirk knowing how to use them in 2009’s Star Trek). This criticism is misguided. Cutting a trailer can be done in many ways and is usually determined by an outside group independent of the filmmakers. Plus, similar trailers could probably be cut for each of the Star Trek movies from the past 20 years.

My point is that there is no need to become butthurt that they decided to focus on the action for a one and a half minute teaser trailer. But that hasn’t stopped internet neckbeards and internet geek-friendly “celebrities” such as George Takei and Wil Wheaton from bemoaning it.

Simon Pegg has spoken up over the trailer claiming it was a marketing decision and that the film has a lot of what makes Star Trek was it is. Clearly, this was done for some spin control, but I suspect that Pegg has another motive in that his neck is kind of on the line by being the movie’s co-writer. Given that he has recently began to criticize some elements of Star Trek Into Darkness after originally passionately defending it and his recent unnecessarily over-the-top and juvenile comments of the Star Wars prequels and its fans, he needs to be careful that he, himself, doesn’t create a turd of a movie and that this early marketing (which is outside of his control) doesn’t hinder the film’s performance.

But enough about all that. What about the actual trailer? I think it looks interesting. From the little I can tell, looks like the crew of the Enterprise is in some sort of jam. Did the ship crash on an alien planet? Will the movie be mostly planet-bound? Looks like some of it takes place on Earth, but who knows when that happens in the film? Whatever the case maybe, it offers something new to the series. I’d be surprised if they “off” the Enterprise so soon in this series. Will they give us the Enterprise-A? Lots of interesting theories that can be pulled.

They also have new uniforms. If one thing rubbed my nose the wrong way with the trailer is that I really don’t care for the new uniform design. Maybe I liked the previous one too much, but these aren’t doing it for me. Yes, I realize that is really nitpicky, but that is really all I got.  I do like the new jackets, though.

I don’t know if I will go into a media blackout for Star Trek Beyond like I did with Into Darkness. There doesn’t seem to be as much “mystery” surrounding the 2016 release when compared to the last installment. Either way, this new teaser trailer has been really interested in the film. I’m looking forward to it!



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