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Star Wars: Legacy – Volume II (Book 4): Empire of One


After four collections, Star Wars: Legacy ends.  It is really tough to talk about the conclusion to this series given the circumstances of why it ended.  When Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, it was only a matter of time before Dark Horse Comics would lose the rights to publish Star Wars comics to Marvel (also owned by Disney).  When that axe finally came down, it forced Legacy writers Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman to quickly wrap up their storyline.

And they do.  But, boy-oh-boy, is it ever rushed.  Reading Empire of One made it feel like they were cramming as much in as they could.  It almost felt like a recap instead of the actual story.  And, because of that, it is difficult to truly judge the story on its own merits since it was forced against a wall.

The biggest problem is that things happen much too quickly.  Towards the climax, Darth Wredd had some tricks up his sleeve and was able to get the entire Sith and all the Imperial Knights to face off against each other as a way to finally rid the galaxy of the dark side users (more on that below).  This should have been an epic, sweeping battle that could have lasted pages and pages.  As was revealed, the whole series was leading up to this moment (it was Wredd’s endgame).

Instead, it starts, really begins to develop.  But then we get an one-panel time jump to the end and we are at the end with the SIth in total defeat.  We never saw the battle.  This was as anti-climactic as possible.  This group of Sith are connected to the original Legacy series and were this huge threat for the entirety of the two series.  For them to be disposed of in such an off-handedly matter is incredibly disappointing and it just made the whole thing too easy.

That said, I did like Wredd’s plan.  It works and there is a nice twist to it in that he wanted the Sith destroyed because of what they did to him and what they made him into.  For Star Wars, that is something new.  I just wish there was more time to actually develop it.

But with the shortcomings of the rushed finale, this collection still suffers from the problems it has had since the beginning.  Specifically, scenes will cut away mid-conversation and go elsewhere.  I know this can be a good way to have some drama in story.  Stop to reveal later.  But it just completely over uses the trope.  Where was the editor during all this?  Did no one suggest to maybe cut back on it?

Again, I realize that Empire of One was going to be a tough read to bring all of Legacy – Volume II’s threads together.  It is successful in accomplishing that, but it is clear that they were rushed and forced an “epic” ending.  But, that aside, Legacy – Volume II is not a great series.  It is such a step backwards when compared to the first volume.  They story that was trying to be told here isn’t bad; it is just the execution of it that is incredibly lacking.  And since Legacy – Volume II prematurely ended, it’ll never be able to really discover it’s potential.

Stray Thoughts:

Look at that!  Ania and Fel sort of acknowledged that they are related!

So, why is Ania Solo so special?  And what is AG’s connection to Han?  This was never revealed

If the series continued from where Empire of One ended, would Ania and her group meet with Cade and his group (since they were in adjunct rooms in the final scene)?


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