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Winter 2015 Movie Season!

The summer movie season is behind us.  Is it me, or has this been a very forgettable and disappointing summer?  Don’t get me wrong, Hollywood is probably very happy with their box office receipts with 2015 being one of the most profitable summers they have had (4 films passed the billion dollar mark).  But I just feel that none of the movies had any lasting power nor any major effect on pop-culture.

Remember when Vin Diesel said Furious 7 (which I found to be incredibly disappointing by the way) was going to win Best Picture?  Or how insufferable online personalities where when Mad Max: Fury Road came out?  Now, nobody cares and those films are largely forgotten.

Peanuts_2015Maybe I’m growing out of these big-budget summer films. Oddly, I prefer the winter season more and more each year.  I don’t know why that is.  Maybe it’s the weather that make the films seem like they are at a higher standard?  I don’t know.  Can’t explain it.

But, enough of that.  Let’s look ahead.  The winter season is almost upon us, and we have a couple of interesting flicks coming out.

November kicks off with the one-two punch of The Peanuts Movie and Spectre on November 6th.  Everything about Peanuts looks great so far, and I am confident that the property won’t be disrespected with this newest incarnation.  I’m also a big Peanuts fan (and, who isn’t – except people with no souls), so I’m going to be there!Spectre_poster

Spectre, of course, is the newest James Bond movie.  I am intrigued by this.  From the look of the trailer, it appears to be tying in all of the Craig-era films together for an over-arching story.  If this is the case, I hope they pull it off.  Something like that hasn’t been done since the Sean Connery days (and even then, those films were pretty independent from one another).  I do worry that it might get a bit convoluted given some of the reported production issues facing the film.  But with Sam Mendes and his Skyfall team, I have faith that will be, at least, an entertaining film.

Since both these movies come out on the same day, I might have to go in for a double-bill that weekend.
Creed_posterLater on In November, we have the final entry in the Hunger Games series.  Does anybody care for these movies anymore?  I know they make buckets of money, but I feel that nobody talks about them.  I have no intention on seeing the film as I haven’t seen past the first one and I have little interest in catching up.

But then, a week later, we get Creed, the Rocky sequel/spin-off.  When I first heard of it, I was extremely skeptical about it.  Why do a spin-off of Rocky.  Just seemed like a bad idea.  Then I saw the trailer, and I took back my comments. I was impressed.  It is obviously following the Rocky formula, but will do its own thing too.  I’m there.

Also coming out October 25th is Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, which I know nothing about, and Victor_Frankenstein_2015Victor Frankenstein.  Is the latter a dark comedy or a straight-up horror flick?  The movie has conflicting trailers for me to get a read on.  More perplexingly, why isn’t this being released in October?  Another example of Hollywood afraid of putting out horror films during Halloween.

Then there is December.  Nothing of consequence is coming out in December.

Oh, I’m just joking!  We have the highly anticipated release of
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip!  Audiences have been waiting years for the fourth installment of this beloved series!


Okay, fine.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out on December 18.  Let’s face it, it will probably be the biggest movie of the year.  Though I wasn’t impressed with the first teaser trailer, I have since become more and more interested in the project.  From what little I have seen and read, I get that 1980s fantasy movie feeling about this.  Color me excited.

Though, I am sure that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are not nearly as excited about it as their film, Sisters (surprisingly, their first film together since 2008’s Baby Mama), opens the same weekend as Star Wars.  Why did Universal position this movie against Star Wars?  There is no way it will be successful.  I can’t help but feel that the movie would have a better shot if released during the March-April period.  But, who knows?  Maybe it’ll be competitive counter-programing.

That’s my look ahead.  What are you interested in this winter?



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