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Star Wars: Legacy – Volume II (Book 3) – Wanted: Ania Solo

sw3I am glad that we are finally getting an info dump on Legacy’s main character, Ania. This is the third story in the series and Ania was such a non-character this far. Others such as Jao and Wredd have at least some element of characterization. Ania, on the other hand, hasn’t really been focused on all that much beyond that she is impulsive and that everyone likes her for no real reason given. Granted, this was done so readers could uncover what she is about over time, but while I don’t mind mystery, it was handled so poorly so far.

That starts to change with Wanted: Ania Solo. Since she ran off during Outcasts of the Broken Ring, a bounty was placed on her head for the killing of an Imperial Knight (which explains Empress Fel’s interest in her). At the same time, a bounty hunter with ties to Ania’s past is tracking her down with a personal score to settle. This was a very capable adventure that stands one its own while pushing Legacy’s storyline forward.

I still do think they are trying a bit too hard with Ania’s importance, at least how AG-37’s dedication to her. That isn’t clicking with me and writers Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman continue to pull away from a scene right when something big is about to be revealed. Too much teasing gets annoyingly frustrating. Don’t continually tease if you don’t plan on giving some nugget of information.

I really liked the reveal of the bounty hunter and what her plot actually is about. It might not be super original, but it really works. It is also interesting to see how the resolution of this ultimately led to Jao turning himself in to the Imperial Knights and Wredd’s desire to turn him to the dark side.

Anyone else thing that Jao, not Ania, is our protagonist?

Wanted: Ania Solo got me into this series. The first two story arcs were really middling, but this one makes me actually care about what might happen next. Unfortunately, there is only one book left. Can things be resolved?

Stray Thoughts:

Now that her name is cleared, I still want to see what will happen between Fel and Ania given that they should be distantly related to each other. Do either of them know this? Will this even come up? It would be a shame to waste the drama that can arise from that.

What is AG-37’s connection to Han Solo? Clearly, he has encountered Han from over 100 years previously. What’s the story there?

Despite the sales pitch, I no longer believe that Ania Solo is the actual protagonist of Legacy – Volume II. Given that nearly everything in this series so far had more direct consequences on Jao Assam, he is clearly our hero. I know I said this above, but it bears repeating here.


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