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Star Wars: Legacy – Volume II (Book 2) – Outcasts of the Broken Ring


I have to say, I am loving the titles of these volumes so far.  So unique and very Star Wars-y sounding.

In this second volume, Ania and Jao Assam can’t let go of their obsession over Darth Wredd and his plot to slowly make his way to control the galaxy.  The two head out after him and become renegades in the process as the Galactic Triumvirate doesn’t see Wredd as a pressing threat.  Ania and Jao eventually stumble upon a Sith plot to enslave the remaining Mon Calamari around their destroyed planet, Dac.

As you can imagine, the story is all over the place.  They go from planet to planet before they eventually get to the main plot of this volume.  I am a bit conflicted over this.  On one hand, it read as a bit of a mess in one setting.  If it was a movie, it would feel incredibly disjointed as if the filmmakers didn’t know what to settle on.  On the other, I do wonder if this read better as single issues, where each “mini-story” that built up to the adventure on Dac.  I can really see that as a more satisfying experience, especially since that is how this was originally intended to be read.

Wredd is a character that is still difficult to pin down.  It’s neat that he is trying to kill off the other Sith in order to avoid competition, but what is he striving for?   We hardly see him this time around (which is fine), and it turns out that Ania and Jao’s adventure to take down Darth Luft, their main nemesis this time around, was part of his plot.

I guess it could be said that many of these characters are difficult to pin down.  Ania is barely a character.  I don’t get any depth from her and we should since she is the series protagonist.  I do like Jao.  He at least has something to work with as he is an Imperial Knight who is doing his duty by abandoning deserting and tracking down Wredd.  I guess what I am saying here is that I need more out of these characters for me to really connect with them and ultimately care about what they are doing.  Right now, I really don’t.

This volume still has the problem of jump cutting from one scene to another without much of a transition.  It isn’t as bad as the previous volume, but it is getting better.  I am also not sold on the art by Brian Albert Thies in this volume.  It feels a bit scratchy and unfinished.  Then again, I can also see myself growing to like it over time.  It has that kind of quality for me.

Outcasts of the Broken Ring is an improvement over the first volume.  I want to continue on and see where this will lead.  Hopefully, the momentum will continue into something really special.

Stray Thoughts:

How does taking out Darth Luft help Wredd with his plot?  Was it just because it is one less rival to worry about or is it something more?

Why do the Galactic Triumvirate not care about Wredd?  He seems like a real-enough threat.  Can’t they spare at least one or two Imperial Knights to investigate him or at least share the information with the Jedi who might be interested?

I wonder how Empress Fel will feel that Admiral Stazi took her Knights to take down a threat that she openly opposed it?


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