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The All-New Culture Cast!

After many months of planning and setting down groundwork (and one weekend of slapping it all together), we are finally ready to announce an brand new podcast show coming to The Culture Cast!  Get ready for Monday, October 5th for the world-premiere of the All-New Culture Cast!


“Where every episode is all-new!”

Yes, we were really clever with that title.  You will be able to join Kyle (aka the Gorehound) and me every episode where we will discuss movies, TV shows, and other interesting elements of popular culture.  We do this, because there is a clear lack of amount of it already on the internet.

We already have several episodes in the can and hope to release a new episode two-to-three times a month.  Each release will be on a Monday night.  While we are casting a large net when it comes to our topics, a focus will be place on movies.  However, we won’t be discussing films that are either just-released or still in theaters.  We are going to strive to discuss things that you, the listeners, will be able to get either on DVD or through streaming.

Now, you might wonder what happened to The Culture Cast with Zack and Nick.  Our last episode was waaaay back in March 2014.  While we were, at first, on an indefinite hiatus, we have since decided to close that show down.  Sadly, many of our old episodes have been deleted off of the server and are inaccessible.  I am trying to recover them, but I currently only have the files to about half.  My intent is to eventually re-upload them at a later date.  More info on that as it develops.

Before you ask, unfortunately, Zack has effectively retired from podcasting, so he will not be joining us on this new show.  I’ll still try to get him to do an occasional guest spot, but don’t hold your breath on that one.  But don’t worry!  He is still writing articles here on the blog!

So, that’s the update!  Be tuned in here next Monday, October 5th for the launch of the All-New Culture Cast! It is going to be great!



2 responses to “The All-New Culture Cast!

  1. CultureCast-Z September 29, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    Glad you guys are taking up the mantle! I’ve got a few writing projects rolling around in the old brain box, but am suffering severe writer’s block as of late!

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