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Speed Reading! – The Flash #38

“Skeletons in the Closet”

“Skeletons in the Closet”

The duel-Flash stories continue on.  I can’t help but feel that the “Future Flash” storyline was stretched out in order to facilitate DC Comics’ mandate to wrap-up storylines at issue 40 (to service the company’s move to the west coast) as there seems to be a lot of wheel spinning going on here.  That said, the current issue does seem to be moving the storyline forward on multiple fronts.

The Flash from the now-alternate future continues to act hard-core with his enemies.  The latest villain to encounter him is a wannabe Rogue, Napalm.  Napalm, as we soon learn, is an obnoxious twit that even his evaluator, Mirror Master, finds annoying.  Future-Flash doesn’t have time for this and winds up severing his arm.  He’s even about to kill him in cold-blood when he notices Iris in the crowd.  Future-Flash speeds off, and Iris fully believes that “The Flash” is now a killer.

Odd reasoning considering that Future-Flash didn’t kill Napalm, and, more importantly, Iris knows the Flash.  Shouldn’t she wonder if something else is going on before jumping to the simplistic conclusions?  Granted, she’s correct in her assumptions, but it seemed out of character to leap to her conclusion.

Not helping matters for the doppelgänger is that Patty is also refining her suspicions that Flash isn’t who he says he is.

While that is going on, the real Flash is still stuck in the Speed Force and learns a lot more about Selkirk.  Turns out that he studies speedsters before he was pulled into the Speed Force.  His past is outlined over a two-page spread, but the interesting thing I took away from this is that he very casually references that other speedsters have existed in the DC Universe before Barry Allen.  I’m a little surprised that Barry didn’t find this the least bit interesting.

I hope this is the set-up for something.  The Speed Force mythology as originated for the New 52 back in the first Grodd issue is very interesting as there seems to be a lot to mine.  Hopefully, this can be explored when and if the Future Flash storyline is resolved.

Anyway, Selkirk and Flash then head out to the top of a mountain that will give Flash his powers back.  Somehow.  It still isn’t explained to Flash (or the readers) how this will work.

I am growing antsy with this story arc.  What happened to Overload?  He’s still around, right?  We get a mention of him, but this character really feels like an afterthought.  Oh well.  At least, we got some good Brett Booth artwork to look at.

Next: On the Hunt for a Killer!


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