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The Gorehound Reviews: Extraterrestrial (’14)

Up today is an entry into the never disappointing genre and 90% of the Gorehound’s movie repertoire, teen slashers- five teens getting slashed in a more often than not, a cabin in the woods. It’s a combination that strikes gold for this ferocious flickster: drinking, screaming, stupid/questionable decisions, and most important slashing- all wrapped up into 90 minutes of cinematic pleasure. Brought together by the Vicious Brothers (who are only known for the well-made, but not excellent, Grave Encounters), Extraterrestrial strikes gold.


The story of Extraterrestrial isn’t very unique, more along the lines of a teen slasher than an alien invasion and certainly no friendly neighborhood E.T. but just as appealing to horror-focused folks. This movie hits all the necessary points for an entertaining sci-fi/horror flick. Some teens, each a different stereotype, head into the woods for a night of fun but unfortunately, an agreement between the government and aliens has gone wrong and vengeance must be paid on these poor and stupid souls.

A common disappointment among alien sci-fi movies is the lack of extraterrestrial imagery. Suspense is a wonderful aspect of horror and should be utilized, but when aliens are involved, seeing them is a necessary requirement. We must see the aliens. Without any sight of them, I feel that the director is thoughtless and has little vision. Sure, if suspense is what you’re going, then great, but more often than not, the Gorehound needs ALIENS.

HNFNsThis movie has hints of Signs (’02). Obviously, it’s not as good as Signs because there is no Phoenix or Gibson and the sights of aliens are nowhere near as intense. The sight of the aliens in Signs is like a lightning strike to the viewer, which is excellent for that style where the story is crucial… but in teen slashers, which aren’t aiming for awards or recognition, just horror or science fiction, additional imagery of the aliens is more rewarding than fewer scenes. If the Gorehound rents a low-budget alien movie from Family Video, there better be multiple scenes of aliens.

None of the characters are attractive or appealing to look at so we’re not really focusing on them. Melanie’s overdose was ridic (fun fact: her real name is Melanie Papalia… and who the shit ODs during an alien invasion? The Gorehound would hands down prefer death by aliens, than death by drugs). The alien coverage was wonderful (i.e., we saw a shit-ton of aliens). The cop is the most sensible and likable of the characters. The aliens are just unique enough, but still not straight from some obscure universe. We have expectations here and we’re still in the milk way here…. In addition, there was an ass probing, which isn’t seen too often. Kind of forgot the notion that many abductees reference probing.

When Netflix asked whether the Gorehound liked this movie or not, he said “I really liked it.” There were a few moments when the Gorehound felt disappointed, at which point the story took a quick turn, like the fake out ending, which abruptly turned into a government coverup. Regardless, teen slasher+aliens+fake outs=4/5

PS Many kudos for including a “Smoking Man” at the end. The Gorehound has high respect for X-Files.

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