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Summer Movie Preview (2015 Edition)

Every summer, we have done a Summer Movie Preview. As many have noticed, we have been a little lax around here over the past few months. Life, you know. Hell of a thing.

We are already in the nuttiness of summer movies. I want to take a look of what is coming up and just my few thoughts on them.

summer2015Already Out:

Furious 7 – Zack already saw this, but I missed it (so far). I was jacked to see it, but it seems like people have already forgotten about it despite the huge marketing push.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Sigh. I want to be excited about these Marvel films, but the vocal minority hardcore fans make it extremely difficult as they are insufferable. I really don’t care. I’m sure I’ll see it eventually, but it isn’t a high priority.

Coming Soon:

Max Max: Fury Road – I have absolutely zero interest in this. The previews, for me, make it seem like they are trying just too hard to be cool. I guess tainting my view is the fact that, suddenly, everyone online is a Mad Max fan and “always have been.” No you haven’t.

Pitch Perfect 2 – Yeah, this is a sequel that probably didn’t need to happen. Still, I’m too much of an Anna Kendrick fan to pass it up.

Tomorrowland – Disney keeps trying to find the next Pirates of the Caribbean. I know that director Brad Bird is something of a fan favorite, but nothing about this film interests me, and the previews haven’t shown enough promise (SFX aside).

Spy – Another Melissa McCarthy/Paul Feig comedy in the vein of their previous film collaborations. I want this to be good given the supporting cast of Jason Stratham and Jude Law, but it might be a Red Box rental if anything.

Jurassic World – It looks like they took everything from the original Jurassic Park, junked the good stuff, and kept the shlock. Nothing inherently bad about that for an action film with dinosaurs, but I can’t help but think it’ll be another Jurassic letdown.

Inside Out – I can’t get a feel for this, but it is Pixar and they have a pretty solid track record (even if there projects from the last 5-10 years haven’t been as golden as they use to be. Plus, a really fun voice cast. I’m down.

Ted 2 – I liked the first one enough, and having seen it endlessly on FX lately, I’d all for a follow-up. Like the original, I’ll just keep my expectations low and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

Magic Mike XXL – The first was a surprise hit both commercially and critically. Even though Steven Soderbergh isn’t directing this time around, he is still involved with the production as editor and cinematographer. I still am perplexed on where they can take the story as the first film had a pretty clear ending.

Terminator Genisys – At one point, this was the movie I was looking the most forward to this summer. Sure, it seemed cheesy, but it looked fun. However, my excitement for the film has dwindled tremendously since the recently released second trailer spoiled some of the major twists in the movie (good twists, but would have been better if kept for the film).

The Fantastic Four – A lot of hate has been leveled at this film for taking a, seemingly, unorthodox take on the Marvel Comics property (and that Michael B. Jordan was cast as Johnny Storm – why is that even an issue?). Not helping matters are reported production problems and problems in general with director Josh Trank. Part of me wants this film to do well as I do like to root for the underdog, but I can’t say I’m too jazzed about the film.

The Man from UNCLE – This movie looks like it could be a lot of fun, but I can’t help but feel it’ll get lost in the shuffle this summer.

That’s this summer.  Usually there are a bunch of films that look interesting to me each summer.  2015 is not shaping up to be anything exciting.  I really feel that if I miss any of these films, I won’t be missing out on anything.  That is disappointing for me.  I like to be excited by the big budget summer flicks.  Maybe 2016 will be better.



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