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The Gorehound Reviews: WolfCop (’14)

Such a terrific entry among the ilk of bad movies, Full Moon Picture features, and cheesy creature features. Wolfcop is completely entertaining and worth every minute. The levels of gore reach maximum capacity in every good way. Horror-haters will still be appalled but this movie isn’t targeted towards all fans of cinema, it’s for those who look far and wide for the monsters that we love to watch. It’s certainly not for everybody, but appeals to the all horror hounds around.wc1

The story follows a drunkard sheriff (Leo Fafard), being tasked to figure out the killer of some recent murders. Until he is actually infected and transforms into the big bad wolfie halfway through the film, we get to know all the other characters, many who contribute to the conclusion of the film. As the story unravels, we discover that shapeshifters (i.e., werewolf enemies) are the killers and the wolfcop is determined to dish out some lycanthropic justice. It’s a simple, perhaps too simple, story that is easy to grasp. This may be one of the few faults of the film. It’s not expected to be much, which isn’t bad, but sets a ceiling that the movie can’t break through.

Leo Fafard, the actor who plays the wolfcop is wonderful. Completely believable as the town drunk and also as a sheriff, he carries this film. His drinking is over the top and there are enough funny moments for this to qualify as a horror comedy, more along the lines of Evil Dead 2, than compared to Shaun of the Dead. It’s not self-aware but embraces the beauty of the genre with a straightforward script and focus on the bloody shots. None of the other characters really stand out.

The Gorehound was cautious about no sight of the wolfcop until halfway through, but once he is presented, the action doesn’t stop until the end. The ability for the wolfcop to speak brings his humanity full circle. It’s not just a monster that remains “the monster”, but his ability to speak and interact with his pre-wolfcop friends similarly, allows his character to grow.

This movie doesn’t appear low-budget. There are actual effects, blood, and gore. The music is certainly entertaining and fits well into the film, especially that ending song. It’s songs like that which stick around after the film and come to mind when thinking of the film. Like that Howard the Duck ending song? Brilliant.


Wolfcop taking down a brewwwwwwski!

The Gorehound is looking forward to the sequel. This is an excellent entry into the horror genre. It’s disappointing that the movie couldn’t have been drawn out to a full hour and thirty (maybe even two!). Regardless, this is a unique entry in that this werewolf is still a contributing member of society and isn’t cornered into the antiquated view of a wolfman. 4/5


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