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The Gorehound Reviews: Exodus: Gods and Kings (’14)

From the same director as Blade Runner, we have the story of Moses and his leading of the Hebrew people from Egypt. It’s no action film like Gladiator (which is certainly better) nor Noah (which is comparable on different fronts), the former of which was directed by Ridley Scott. Primarily for the reason of a lackluster central character, this film falls quite a bit.

2One of things this movie has going for it is the story is very good. It’s fast-paced for the majority it but there certainly are lulls. Likely a strike against the film when considering general audiences but this film does carry with it a hefty runtime of 150 minutes. Fortunately, the Gorehound loves longer movies as it allows more time of entertainment and story. The Gorehound’s favorite scenes were of the locusts, frogs, etc., bravo!

The actors do not fit their roles. None of the characters are of any middle-eastern descent. The Gorehound is not a fan of Christian Bale for a few reasons including his angry rant and his depiction of Batman, nor does the Gorehound think he is attractive in any way. Sigourney Weaver really does not fit her role. Another aggravation is the characters use of english. This really prevents the Gorehound from delving into the story. It would be one thing if the story had a different take, but it’s nearly taken straight from the bible, without alteration. Noah told the story from the bible and more, taking a different perspective and therefore allowing more liberties to be taken.

Directed by one of the best directors ever (strictly Gorehound’s opinion), Ridley Scott, this flick is very pretty. The visuals and scenes are worthy. The music fits right in. In a category of scenery and sets, this is an 5/5, but unfortunately for this flick, too much goes astray.

The plagues and locusts were so well done because they seemed so natural, as it likely would have happened. The events aren’t magical, but rather natural. With a person serving as a scientist in that time to explain, what they believe to be happening, the audience can see the Egyptians trying to understand and combat the will of God.


The character’s personalities aren’t truthful. Moses and Ramses don’t act like brothers, Moses and his wife don’t act like spouses. I know this is ancient history but I don’t see the point of bringing so much attention to these relationships when it doesn’t really matter.

Despite the plethora of bad reviews, the Gorehound gave this movie a chance. It’s got the director and story going for it, but lacks fitting characters and fails to intertwine the script, story, and characters. 2/5

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