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The Gorehound Reviews: All Hallow’s Eve (2013)

MV5BODYxNjgzOTkxMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTcyNTUzMDE@._V1_SX640_SY720_Despite this movie being checked out for, honestly, 4 straight months at Family Video, it was not worth any wait. It was low-budget, story-absent movie with piss-poor actors. This is a Trick ‘r Treat (’07) wannabe and it’s unfortunate that the Gorehound checked the availability of this title every 2 weeks from September of 2014 to January 2015.

The movie is made up of 3 different stories encompassed by a babysitter watching two kids. One of the kids comes back from the night with a mysterious VHS tape, and dumbass babysitter lets the kids watch it. First off, what kind of dumbass babysitter lets their kids watch anything with an R rating? Even this gore-obsessed movie reviewer knows to watch horror comedies or something less than PG-13 with anyone pre-high school. I mean, really? and these kids are barely in high school! This babysitter has no self-control and deserves the result (spoiler alert: the kids die, trust me, your not missing anything).

To say the least, the antagonizing characters are pretty good through the anthology. The clown is quite an icon and if there any sequels they must include him. His silence and illogical, almost mystical appearances, are welcome on the Gorehound’s Horror Mountain. The alien too, though quite simple, is entertaining. Most aliens in horror movies as of late, have appeared completely organic, without suits and completely nude. These extraterrestrials were kind of reminiscent of the fishbowl Mars Attacks-type… but the babysitter, children, and victims, are all just so difficult to watch. As if because they had no ridiculous persona (alien or clown), they froze up and forgot how to act like a real person.

Sydney Freihofer, Katie McGuire, and Cole Mathewson

Sydney Freihofer, Katie McGuire, and Cole Mathewson

You should not watch this movie unless you absolutely love anthology movies (the Gorehound has never found anybody who likes anthologies). Don’t let the cover and awesome title deceive you. This is certainly not worth it. The cover and title are incredible though… if the Gorehound based movie ratings on covers and titles, this would get a 6/5 stars. Unfortunately, our kind actually watch movies for content, story, and character development. 2/5


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