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The Gorehound Reviews: Dead Snow 2 (’14)

Oh Krampus! Following up to the well-made and solid campy horror film with the unique influx of Nazi soldiers, Dead Snow 2 (aka Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead or Død Snø 2) succeeds in the execution of a well-progressing film, bloody entertainment, and enough aesthetics to bring you back to your first snow day.

DeadSnow2_TEASERIn the first film, five teens go to cabin and most all get killed except one. There was a really cool dreadlocked girl who gets killed by the last remaining member to carry over. The sequel starts with the survivor running from/hunting down Herzog, the Nazi leader who returns to (I think) get his treasure? Anyways, by a crazy set of events, Herzog and the protagonist switch arms surgically which really adds some fun (anyone remember Idle Hands?). It is, to say the least, a solid horror movie. Despite the a similar and insistent formula in many horror movies, it always rings true in a Gorehound’s point-of-view. Pulling nothing too extreme in the first, this entry was sure to follow through.

Including Bill (Martin Starr) from Freaks and Geeks, all the characters are all uniquely different from each other and interesting. It’s fantastic because it drives the story forwards. It isn’t another Dead Snow, but rather a separate entry within the same canon. The story carries on, but in an evolved form.

There is plenty of gore and this movie deserves an R-rating. It may have some darkly comedic elements but not quite enough to qualify as a horror comedy. It’s refreshing because it’s not torturous or sexual, just entertaining in a goretastic and horrific way!


First zombie sex scene? Check. Russian zombies fighting Nazi zombies? Check. Bill from Freaks and Geeks? Check. Yes, this movie is wonderful. The protagonist is sincere. This guy is actually scared shitless by fact that he killed his girlfriend. On top of that, that babe had dreadlocks. While the main character’s emotions may go deep, the story doesn’t. The storyline does progress smoothly and this movie felt to go by very quickly. Perhaps the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun” would best fit this movie. The final scene didn’t appear climactic but it’s like, who cares because this is awesome! It’s unfortunate that Graveyard Queens may find it heresy to watch horror during the time of frankinescene and myrrh (around the time this was released), but anyone who passes up this horror flick is sure to have (un)pleasant dreams. 5/5


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