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The Gorehound Reviews: The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

The Taking of Deborah LoganAnother found footage film that takes hold of the viewer, but fails to reach any elevation on Horror Mountain. There are a few portions which really grapple the viewer but fail to hold on. Starting off in documentary mode, the viewer watches a particular Alzheimer’s patient and how the disease affects caretakers, which then escalates into the actual haunting. To say the least, the film is good, but certainly not excellent. It is much less bloody and gory than some modern day scary films, which should appeal to more viewers but still has very frightful scenes.

This movie is scary, but not in the sense of Paranormal Activity or Insidious (which are very high up on Horror Mountain). It’s nothing atypical among the other suspenseful/psychological horrors in the sense that it’s a haunting person. The difference is the focus on the elderly, rather than a child or a middle-aged person . The use of an elderly person is good because it’s uncommon. It’s great to see a horror movie where the focus isn’t on a child because that gets old before it even starts. In addition, Deborah gets incredibly scary!

The transition between symptoms of Alzheimer’s to demon possession symptoms is solid. At the beginning the viewer knew she was afflicted with Alzheimers. The indication that she was haunted, didn’t occur until Deborah’s mind has become so weakened, that the demon was able to take over, as logically described by the documentary crew. It is truly a dilapidating disease and while the film isn’t an actual informative documentary, it doesn’t exploit the disease.

The brilliance in this film is Deborah Logan (Jill Larson). She is the scary part about the film though you want to feel bad, but it is clear she isn’t in control of the haunting. She truly is the victim. Her use of snakes adds another dimension which really hammers in the religious undertones. Unfortunately there are too many cheap scares. Most of the time when the camera turns around or looks up, there is something to scare you. Its quite obvious and unoriginal.


Jill Larson (Deborah) and Anne Ramsay (Sarah)

Is it worth watching? Not really. It won’t be remembered because among found footage films, it doesn’t stand out or use the method in particularly fantastic way. There isn’t enough religious symbolism to make this religious-horror movie either. It doesn’t excel well at anything except seamlessly moving from documentary to horror. It’s got a decent budget, but unfortunately nothing really sticks. 3/5


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