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‘Gone Girl’ is Pretty Amazing


Gone Girl is acclaimed director David Fincher’s (The Social Network) latest film, and it is an incredibly gripping and intense mystery/thriller.  The funny thing about this movie is that the internet, in a shocking move, has been pretty restrained when it comes to spoiling this movie.  There are several twists and turns (some incredibly shocking), but there seems to be a collective move to keep things quiet as to not ruin the surprise for audiences.  Not sure why Gone Girl was honored with that, but in an effort to follow suit, I will keep this review fairly spoiler free by discussing the movie from only things that can be picked up from the trailers.

In Gone Girl, Ben Affleck plays Nick Dunne, a husband whose wife (Rosamund Pike) mysteriously disappears.  The following investigation uncovers several clues that lead viewers to believe Nick is responsible.  However, not all is as it seems which leads movie goers to determine the truth between the different narratives that are presented.

I love a good mystery and Gone Girl provides that in spades.  The mystery comes short of perfect as some of it really doesn’t quite work (especially in the third act), but here is where Fincher really succeeds as a director.  Everything that is going on is so engaging that, as a viewer, I never really questioned anything that was happening on screen.  After I left the theater, I started to notice some of the holes, but if you can’t notice them while you are watching the film, that’s the work of an artist.

While the mystery is great, the thing that I really, really loved about the movie was how it completely skewers main stream media on how they can sensationalize a tragedy to the point where an entire nation can completely side with or be against an individual with half-truths and implications.  Granted, this sort of storytelling has been used in the past, but Fincher doesn’t hit you over the head with it by keeping it subtle and in the background, but enough to where you would likely hate every news personality in the movie.

There is a lot more I would like to go into with Gone Girl such as its themes concerning gender, societal privilege, and the problems that stem from both, but I would have to veer into spoiler territory to do so.  Since I rather not do that, I’ll just conclude that Gone Girl is an incredibly well-made film that keeps you engaged.  It is a solid thriller (with a darkly humorous third act) which I highly recommend.  Avoid spoilers and go in blank.  You’ll thank me for that.



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