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Speed Reading! – The Flash #35


“Out of Time”

In the latest edition of The Flash, the much-more intense, blue-costumed Future Flash catches up to the present day to fix the Speed Force.  His plan?  Kill his younger self, of course!  The issue focuses on the battle between our hero and his corrupt future self with another speedster stepping in to help save the day.  Or does he?

It is a fairly simple issue which sort of rehashes what has been going on with the Future Flash for the past few months.  Normally, that could be an irritating thing to hear what is going on again and again, but in this case, it sort of works considering that what is happening with the Speed Force and the Future Flash’s motivations has been incredibly muddled.  Maybe that was by design, but I know that I was growing frustrated with the lengthiness of it.

The Future Flash abducts his present-day version and takes him to where the Speed Force ruptured.  Apparently, the death of the present-day Flash combined will release enough energy to fix tear.  Or something.  It is one of those things in comics that you just have to go with.

I have to give credit to writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen in directly connecting this Speed Force tear to the events during Manapul and Buccellato’s run (specifically when Dr. Elias’s monorail crashed).  It feels like a natural continuation instead of something that just happened.  In the past, I have noticed when a new creative team comes on to a comic, they will junk everything the previous team did to establish their own stamp.  Here, it feels like a continuing story, and I really like that they did that.

Before Future Flash can kill Barry (why he doesn’t sacrifice himself is never explained – arrogance on his part, perhaps?), Future Wally appears and battles Future Flash.  They duke it out, but in an ironic move, Future Flash accidently kills Future Wally (who was shielding Barry).  Wally takes Barry’s energy, dies, and heals the wound in a big explosion.  This leaves Wally dead, Barry stuck in the past, and Future Flash still standing.

Sort of a rushed ending and, again, I wish Future Wally would be sticking around.  Not only is he a lot of fun to read, but artist Brett Booth killed it with Wally’s costume.  I really like that silver and red motif.  Hopefully, that design will make some sort of return down the line.

Overall, not bad.  It was the likely conclusion and it delivered on its promise of a showdown.  I do wish there was a bit more substance to the issue.  Again, it was another boss fight.  There was more at play this time around than in issue 34, but I just feel like I want a bit more out of it.  That said, I am looking forward to the Future Flash in the present day.  Will he try to completely take over Barry’s life (even though he is 20 years older)?  I guess we’ll find out next month.

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