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Ezra Miller is The Flash

It is really hard to be a fan of comic books and superheroes sometimes.  It really is.  Oh, not because its nerdy or that other people will look down on it.  It is because of other, more intense comic book fans and how ridiculously over-the-top they act in regards to their hobby.  It is really embarrassing.  Today, we had another such example of the fanbase embarrassing itself.

Warner Bros. released a full slate of movies based on various DC Comics properties.  One such project is The Flash scheduled for release in 2018.  While that wasn’t an unexpected announcement, what was surprising was that WB already cast the titular hero.  In four years’ time, Ezra Miller (of Perks of Being a Wallflower fame) will be taking on the mantle of the Scarlet Speedster.

And then the internet fucking broke, and butthurt prevailed.


Now, I’ll admit that I found the casting of Miller to be a surprising move for many reasons.  For starters, it seems strange to cast a relative unknown actor as the lead in a movie four years away from being released with no director or writer currently attached.  Then again, I suspect he’ll probably make some sort of appearance in either the Batman v. Superman or Justice League prompting an early casting.

More unusual is that, while Miller is a solid actor, I never imagined him as a superhero, let alone The Flash.  But, as been shown in the past, outside-the-box casting can pay off especially if it fits a particular vision (Heath Ledger’s Joker being the prime example).  I am sure that Miller will be fine in the role.  The truth is, very much is unknown about The Flash and what this movie will ultimately be about (and why should we get all the answers right away anyway?  Are we so entitled?).  We should take in the news and then play a wait and see game to find out what is going to happen next.

Of course this is the Internet we are talking about and that will never ever happen.  Within hours of this announcement, the angry fanboys have come out of the woodwork to declare their anger against a movie they know nothing about.  I’ve seen rage that WB isn’t using Grant Gustin (star of the new Flash TV show) as the character in the upcoming movie because he is a perfect Barry Allen.  This is, of course, hilarious since people were completely raging against his casting a year ago.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

There have also been complaints that Miller is too young for the role and that he looks too effeminate.  What are they going off of with that.  Many of his past roles has had him as a quirky, off-beat character who has been typically young (and why not – he’s only 22 at the moment).  His head shot on IMDB is from 2008 when he was 16!  And the movie won’t come out for another four years.  That’s a completely unfair argument for people to use against his casting, but I’ve already seen it today.

For example, Speed Force, a Flash blog, is run by Kelson Vibber, one of the most level-headed comic book fans I have ever encountered online, and he had an article up earlier today going over The Flash movie announcement.  He goes out of his way to explain Miller’s young appearance is unintentionally deceiving in his IMDB head shot.  Yet, that did not stop a good portion of the comment section to completely ignore this and predict nothing but doom and gloom about the upcoming movie.

I just don’t get it.  Nothing is known about this movie.  If it was revealed that The Flash was going to be about an overweight would-be runner who decides to fight crime using a couple of oozies to take out space aliens who decided to invade his favorite mini-mart, then, yes, I can understand the why people would question that.

But in this case, nothing is known enough to get upset about.  We don’t even know which version of the Flash Miller will be portraying (despite online rumoring).  Based on the past roles he’s had, I can easily see him as Wally West.  Honestly, that might be a smart way to go so it wouldn’t step on the toes of the new TV show (featuring the Barry Allen Flash) or be redundant.

Point is, we don’t know what is happening with this movie other than a title, a date, and an actor.  There is absolutely no need to get so up-in-arms over it.  Honestly, I have to applaud WB for their casting of Ezra Miller.  They are putting together what they hope will turn into a series of superhero action films and one section of it will be headlined by an actor who openly identifies himself as “queer”.  You just don’t see studios doing that for big, blockbuster films unless the actor is already established and well-respected.

So, as I did with the reaction to Grant Gustin, I humbly request that the internet chill the fuck out or at least take a wait and see approach.

Oh, who am I kidding?  That’s not going to happen.


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