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Look at All The Scary Movies!

annaIn the past, I have been disappointed at how there rarely seems to be any scary movies released in the month of October to capitalize on the Halloween season (as opposed to Christmas time).  Obviously there are exceptions to that rule such as the Saw and Paranormal Activity franchises.  But for the most part, October is fairly horror free.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised at the October 2014 releases.  It seems as if there are multiple horror or horror-themed movies coming out this month to make any scary movie fan happy.

This week, we have the release of Annabelle, the Conjuring spinoff centering on a possessed/creepy doll that kills people or something.  The trailer makes it look pretty spooky and, well, the idea of a creepy doll will never not scare the crap out of someone.   Also this week is the newest Nic Cage film, Left Behind.  While not a horror film in a traditional sense, there is a very supernatural and religious bent to the film which could still film that need for a scary good time at the theater.

DracNext week, the newest adaptation of everyone’s favorite vampire comes out in Dracula Untold.  Promising to reveal the origins of the classic literary character, the film gives audiences a monster to both root for and frightened of.  I don’t know how good or bad the movie might be, but the trailers to provide a wonderful moody tone which services this time of year.

On October 17th, we get some family entertainment with the CGI animated The Book of Life.  While obviously not a horror movie, the film does boast some colorful images stemming from Mexican folklore, specifically the Day of the Dead (which the film was originally titled).  Some nice counter-programming that still ties into the season.

The following week gives us Ouija, which seems to be exactly like it is.  Interestingly, it is rated PG-13 – while not necessarily a bad thing, it could limit how horrific the movie could be.  Also coming out that week, is Stonehearst Asylum.  Based on an Edgar Allen Poe story where an unsuspecting medical intern begins work at an asylum where the inmates have taken over.

Also coming out on the 24th is Exists, a good-old fashioned monster movie in which a bunch of friends go into the forest only to have Bigfoot kill them.  Why not?

hornsAnd, finally, on Halloween, we see a re-release of Saw for its 10th anniversary, a second installment of a crazy, multiple story/director anthology film, ABC’s of Death 2, and, the Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe movie Horns.  I am most intrigued by the latter as it looks totally nuts and the movie embraces its nuttiness.  Plus, I truly believe Radcliffe is a wonderful actor and I really want to see him break out into the mainstream beyond just Harry Potter.

As you can see, we have a full month ahead of us with scary movies.  I have no ideas which ones are going to be good or bad.  But, I am excited by the fact that there are so many coming out!  Hopefully this can continue in future years.

Which ones are you planning to see?



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