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The Gorehound Reviews: From Dusk Till Dawn (’14) – Final Part 3

This last two parts of this review of the TV series From Dusk Till Dawn is being condensed. The Gorehound is getting no pleasure or entertainment from these episodes and wants to get away as fast possible. They are horrendous, pitiful, and altogether disappointing. That’s not to say there is nothing worth reviewing. The Gorehound’s ghouls must avoid each of these 44 minutes of so-called “horror” or “TV entertainment”. These awful scenes bring the original movie into even greater light. It was episode 6 that the Gorehound jumped from a point of neutrality and open mindedness to the soapbox to preach the awful news. In addition, it was the sixth episode that awoke the realization that all of the previous episodes have been nothing but Ritchie Gecko and his insanity. Post-episode 6, most of the episodes had some pretty decent character interaction. It was here where the story was focusing on all the other characters. Though the focus on the ranger was confusing. Why were they torturing him?

from dusk to dawn 1 112

Episode 7 finally got gory, like awesome sauce gore. If there is any episode worth watching throughout all of these, it’s episode 7. Progressing in to episode 9 things get confusing. Labyrinth? Mind games and facing fear? This is a mess. The last episode made a good conclusion of it all. It was a pleasing conclusion despite the rest of the of the awful episodes.

The replacement for Cheech Marin was pitiful. This sub-par character should go dig graves  for the rest of his cinematic career. Wilmer Valderama was plain annoying the entire time though he has certainly moved past That 70’s Show. He’s not intimidating, almost comical, and distracting from the rest of the piss poor episodes. D. J. is a pitiful fighter. His attacks have no power at all and did nothing to progress the story. Though the viewers never saw Clooney as a bad ass, we assumed he was and that is enough. No reason to substantiate it. At least Clooney’s tattoos were vibrant. We don’t need an explanation for the tattoos.

The biggest turn off of these last episodes was the portrayal of sex machine. Tom Savini is a god to splatter fiends like myself and to piss on this character with the son of Gary Busey? That’s heresy for which this is the last straw. Including his line “”This place is a giant people juicer”. Really? In the end, these characters are ugly, their personalities, their looks, their interactions, are all shallow. It would be better to watch the original on repeat, rather than site through these 10 episodes. 2/5 for all episodes combined.


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