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Speed Reading! – The Flash #32 & 33

Okay, I’m cheating. But I’m also really behind. Life and stuff. Anyway, to make it up, I’m going to give you all a double-header review of the last two issues of The Flash!


“Cold Call/A Step Behind”

These issues continue to balance the three narratives which, I’m guessing, will intersect sooner or later. You have future Flash watching Captain Cold die (issue 32) and traumatizing Trickster into going straight (issue 33). While it is interesting to see where the Rogues are going to end up, it is coming off a tad repetitive. The execution is different each time, but continues to feel like a rinse and repeat.

One tidbit of info I found interesting is that Captain Cold has cancer that developed from him becoming a meta-human (as seen in The Flash Annual #1). I wonder if this will be something picked up on in later issues or if it will be one of those throwaway references. Since Cold dies twelve years from now, we’ll never get there (since comics are in the perpetual now). Still, it is interesting. And it makes me wonder if the other Rogues will develop cancer.

As an aside, what is with Trickster having Jeb Bush coins? Probably just a Trickster gag, but it took me completely out of the sequence. We, as a society, really need to move on from the Bush-era, especially in pop-culture. It has been six years (13 in regards to the comic’s time frame)! Sorry, I’ll get off my soap box now.

I still like Wally and I am invested to see where it is going to go. We get to see some interesting traits of his start to develop. He’s angry at the Flash for putting his uncle in jail, but he is warming up to Barry. He’s a smart mouth, but is loyal to his friends (even if they are not the greatest of friends at the moment). He just needs some guidance. There is drama there.

People/comic fans/critics looking for some racial spin are being ridiculous. If Wally was white, no one would complain. Instead, he’s now biracial. I just hate how writers and artists in any form are chastised from telling a story they want to tell because they happen to use a minority doing something bad, which somehow automatically means it’s a negative stereotype. Personally, I think it says more about the people complaining about it than the actual writer or intent. I just think people are upset that Wally isn’t a white ginger and are looking for reasons to get butthurt.

Rats. I’m on my soapbox again. Let’s move on.

I do hate how much of a nag that Iris is being in regards to Barry and Wally. I get it that she wants Barry to be a positive mentor in his life, but she really just sort of dumped it on him with him not getting much of a say in the matter. And then she complains when he has other responsibilities. This might not be what Venditti and Jensen were intending, but it really comes across as if Iris doesn’t want to deal with Wally.

We also have Barry investigating the Mashup Killer…and this story is just incredibly dull. I so don’t care about it. I really feel like it is filler between everything else and could have been wrapped up within an issue or two. I think it’s over next time. Hopefully that’ll be the case.

To be honest, this storyline reminds me of Manapul and Buccellato’s initial, Mob Rule story arc insomuch that it probably went on one or two issues too long.

I am still digging Brett Booth’s art. He’s the real star here. Beyond the fluid nature of the action sequences, I love the facial expressions he gives Barry and others. It really gives the book an added layer of fun. I realize that sounds strange, but there you go.

These issues were a mixed bag. I like the future and Wally stuff, and I am waiting to see what comes of it all. I could do without the Mashup Killer (especially with the somewhat lackluster reveal at the end of issue 33), but the book is still strong enough, and I feel this creative team has a clear direction of where they want to go.

Next: The Showdown!

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