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Leftover Questions: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Editon (SPOILER WARNING)

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is out now (read Zack’s review here).  I enjoyed the movie as it is a enjoyable flick with exciting action set pieces and fun character exchanges.  However, like many movies, there were a bunch of unanswered questions leaving me, as a viewer, pondering.

There are spoilers below!  Don’t read if you haven’t seen the movie yet!

turtle1. Splinter had forbidden the Turtles from going to the surface. Even though they broke that rule behind their master’s back, how did the Turtles get all the stuff they have in their lair?

2. How come April didn’t snap any pictures of the Foot Clan members tied up after the subway attack? Surely an ambitious reporter like her would have taken at least one on her way out to find the Turtles (and likely help her case that a vigilante was out there).

3. April is fired from her job when trying to explain the Turtles to her boss, because she lacks proof (and sounds crazy). Given that she created a huge display, how come April didn’t include the picture of the Turtles she had on her phone?

4. How does Splinter know about the connection between the Shredder, the Foot, and Sacks? I realize that he remembered that Sacks was a bad guy, but how did he piece together that Sacks was part of the Foot Clan?

5. Turns out that April’s dad destroyed all the files on his work with Sacks. How come Sacks didn’t have any of his files backed up anywhere? These events happened in 1999. Disk drives were around then. Wouldn’t research like this be worthwhile to have copies?

6. How come Sacks didn’t restart his research? Surely he knew what he did thus far? Couldn’t he recruit another scientist to help him after April’s dad destroyed everything?

7. Is the Shredder (at least by name) publically known to be the Foot Clan’s leader? If so, how come no one ever connected Sacks to him considering that Shredder was his adopted father? Especially more so since he is a widely recognized figure in the business world?

8. How come the Shredder is able to move so swiftly and easily in what appears to be heavy and bulky armor?

9. Speaking of that, how come the Shredder is able to use the armor so expertly even though he was just given it one scene before?

10. Why didn’t Shredder take Splinter and Raphael back to his lab? Granted, he thought Ralph was dead and left Splinter for dead, but don’t they have the mutagen in their blood as well? Isn’t that what they desperately need?

11. Why did the Foot allow Don and Mike keep their various equipment when they captured them?

12. Why did the doctors seem surprised/disgusted when Sacks demonstrated the biological weapon on a random Food Soldier? Clearly, they knew what to expect since they were likely involved in creating it.

13.  Considering that Sacks didn’t care if the Turtles died, why did the medical devices the Turtles were hooked up to contain adrenaline shots?

14.  How far away was Sacks’s compound? The movie suggests that it is a reasonable drive away. But, it looks like summertime in the city and winter at Sacks’s place. Unless Sacks’s place is in the mountains. If that is the case, there is no way he is as close to the city as the movie suggests.

15.  What is the Shredder’s ultimate goal? He claims that he wants to take over the city, but his and Sacks’s plot involves infecting the city, letting it go to waste, then selling the mutagen as a miracle drug. Sacks will get rich, but Shredder will get…?

16.  Sacks’s goal is to get money. Isn’t he already incredible wealthy (considering he is in charge of multiple successful corporations)? Would a few millions more really that make that much of a difference?

17.  Why are Sacks and Shredder ready to pull the trigger on their plan so quickly? Shouldn’t they wait to make sure the mutagen works before infecting the city?

18.  Sacks and Shredder are the two principle players in their plot against New York City. How come they are personally setting off the biological weapon? Once that’s released, wouldn’t they be immediately infected?

19.  How was Sacks able to install a biological weapon on top of his building without arousing suspicion? And how long was it up there? The movie suggests that Sacks was about to do this plan fifteen years ago before April’s dad thwarted him. Has the biological weapon been up there this entire time? Isn’t that an incredibly bad idea?

20.  For that matter, couldn’t Sacks also accomplish getting wealthier by selling the mutagen through legal means since it is explained as a cure-all?

21.  How was anything that happened during the climax (including exposing Sacks) explained away to the authorities, especially since April stayed mum about the existence of the Turtles?

22.  How come Channel 6 was perfectly okay with Vernon destroying a company car (and giving him a new one) while following a recently fired co-worker’s crazy story? Granted, she was right, but she (and presumably him) stayed quiet about it.

23.  Why does the TMNT main theme sound almost exactly like the theme from Thor: The Dark World?


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