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The Gorehound Reviews: Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (’14)

The Gorehound absolutely loved the original Paranormal Activity (’07). Thinking about for nights after leaving the theater, it left a mark on the repertoire. Movies often have a suspension of disbelief, where the viewer knows that it is a movie, i.e., not reality and allows the viewer to become engrossed in the film. The suspension in PA (’07) was so small and unique. It seemed real, that these persons had actually taped this. It was simply incredible.


Unfortunately, the following films lacked. PA2 (’10) had very few scares and even left the Gorehound in a state of confusion at the climax. What the hell was going on? There was one distinct moment, when all the doors and cabinets had slammed open instantaneously. Other than that, PA2 (’10) was a flop.

Come PA3 (’11) and there was some improvement. The bathroom scene was scary as shit. This film was superior to PA2 (’10) but was still lacking in fright and quality, compared to PA1 (’07).

Then comes along ANOTHER PA marking the fourth entry in 2012. This one has some nubile teens who no one cares (especially this Gorehound) and the audience really doesn’t care at this point. The previous films, PA2 and PA3, have gone too far astray and become much more complex than the original that there isn’t much hope. PA4 (’12) really put the last nail in the coffin… and then pops up this new release, PA4: The Marked Ones (’14). Apparently in a different scenario but nonetheless, adhering to the canon.

paranormal-activity-the-marked-ones-movie-wallpaper-11So was PA5 (’14) anything different? No, it was not. Throughout PA2-PA4, confusion tends to increase during the last 15 minutes. Is the main character possessed? Are they related to the old withes? The worst part about these is that they are all the same: persons popping up as soon as the camera turns around, witches, and the incessent phrase “oh shit” every 15 minutes and sometimes every 30 seconds. This movie did nothing to add to the canon and brought us characters we could care less about it. What’s worse is that they had the original characters, Micah Sloat and Katie Featherston, on set and put them in a complete throwaway scene. Katie is now a cult icon, among the ilk of Robert Englund and Tobin Bell, and can pop up in any horror movie now and receive immediate appeal. How could the original director, Oren Peli, produce this pitiful unextended 86 minutes?

This one takes place in LA (not sure exactly but I know it aint Mexico) and tries to connect to the previous films through (1) a footage from PA1 and (2) and a unholy trap door which leads to PA1. About some 2 best friends, a girlfriend, and their grandma. The grandma was entertaining, especially when she was singing and dancing. It took place in Hispanic neighborhood, which was a change. The previous entries were straight up White suburbia.

If PA2-4 provided any entertainment, PA5 should not disappoint…. but if you’re like the Gorehound and sick of this shit, pass it up. 1/5.


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