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Survivor: Cagayan – Season 28, Episode 13 – Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back

All of the nonsense Kass has been foisting upon her fellow tribemates since basically the game began came back at her in tonight’s episode of Survivor, mostly courtesy of Trish, who has become completely fed up with Kass’ gameplay. Kass starts the episode by declaring her alter ego “Chaos Kass” as being back in play. She immediately attempts to turn Woo and Tony against each other, having learned that Woo told Tony about last week’s potential treason against him. Tony goes into damage control mode, but Kass is still trying to stir up chaos, and plays this against the two as well. It is finally sinking in with Woo just how alone he is.

Tony does damage control with Woo in tonight's episode of Survivor on CBS.

Tony does damage control with Woo in tonight’s episode of Survivor on CBS.

At the Reward Challenge, contestants much gather as much mud on their bodies as they can, and then dump that mud into a bucket. Whoever is able to gather enough mud will win a reward challenge of hot, fresh pizza. No one comes even remotely close to Tony, who fills his entire bucket and then some. He chooses Trish to come with him and eat pizza, and the camera focuses in on a disappointed Woo, who now has more anti-Tony fodder. Spencer, never one to let an opportunity like this slip out of his fingers, immediately piles on at various points as well.

Tony knows he needs to win the Immunity Challenge and keep the necklace out of Spencer’s hands. If Tony (or Trish or Woo) wins the necklace, then they can eliminate either Kass or Spencer. The challenge is a very long “build a ladder and then solve a puzzle” type of contest that Survivor is so fond of doing. In addition to a ladder, contestants must also build a staircase as well, adding an extra ten minutes of drama to the affair. Tony gets off to a blazing start, reaching the puzzle at the end before anyone else. He fails to solve the puzzle, however, as Spencer catches up and wins the Immunity Challenge. Spencer’s win throws a wrench into Tony’s plans for Tribal Council.

Back at the beach, Trish has finally had enough of Kass. Kass has played a terrible game all season long, going back to the first episode where she flat out told J’Tia she was voting her out right to her face. Kass likes to play the victim, as Trish rightly points out, and never takes responsibility for the “chaos” she continuously causes. At Tribal Council, Trish continues to point this out. Tony agrees, while Spencer keeps his mouth shut and watches in mostly silence. At the vote, Woo does indeed go along with Kass and Spencer, and Trish is voted out of the game. Trish was actually a real threat to win the million dollars, which Tony even realizes as well, as the camera reveals he voted against his biggest ally too. He has a lot to answer for should he make the jury in next week’s finale.



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