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Trek Tuesday: Star Trek: The Next Generation/X-Men

After the success of the first Star Trek/X-Men crossover, Marvel Comics wanted to replicate that (especially since sales were slowing with the Star Trek line).  Only this time, they took it to the next logical step: a Next Generation crossover with a new team of X-Men.  The only returning characters from the first one were Wolverine and Storm, thus providing a link between the two narratives.

"Second Contact"

“Second Contact”

Following directly on from the events of Star Trek: First Contact, the crew of the Enterprise-E are trying to return home, but are thrown into the Marvel Universe where they come across the X-Men while trying to nab technology that will help them return to their future.  Soon, these two groups need to team up against Kang the Conqueror who is trying to take advantage of the Enterprise’s presence in the Marvel Universe from reshaping the timeline.

The story here didn’t really connect with me the way the previous crossover did.  There is nothing overly wrong with it as it does a fine job crossing over the two properties (particularly when we see mash-ups of two popular storylines respective of each franchise).  I just felt as if they are trying a bit too hard to make everything work to the point that they are throwing everything into it.  Was there really a need for Wesley or Sisko to show up?  I’m not sure that there is.

Plus, the story is a little convoluted at times.  The details of Kang’s plan are a bit muddled making it a bit hard to follow at some parts during a first-read through.  Normally, I liked Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton’s work on other then-recent Star Trek comics, but this just didn’t quite click the way it could have.

From what I understand, apparently, there was a bit of a rush job to get comic done.  It somewhat shows in the writing as the script really could have used another polish.  That said, the art by Cary Nord is exceptionally good given the short lead time Marvel gave.  He did a really great job capturing the likeness of the Star Trek cast.

A totally missed opportunity was for Captain Picard to meet Professor X.  Given that in a few short years, Patrick Stewart would step into that character on the big screen, it would have made a great meta-reference.  It is likely that Stewart wasn’t quite cast yet, so Abnett and Edginton didn’t even think to do such a thing.

While I didn’t like “Second Contact” as much as I did “Star TreX”, this is still a fairly enjoyable romp.  If Marvel wasn’t in such of a rush to get this book out, it could have been as good, if not better, than the first installment.  At least we got some Borg Sentinels.  That’s kind of cool.



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