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Three Years? More Like Three Beers! (Yeah…that makes no sense)

As is every year this day since 2011, it is The Culture Cast‘s anniversary!  Thanks to everyone who has followed-us for the past three years!


Those keeping track probably noticed our output isn’t nearly as big this year as it was in the past.  Lots of reasons for that: professional and personal matters for the us here at The Culture Cast have really prevented us from giving you the reviews, opinions, and other nonsensical ramblings that no one asked for.  We hope to get back on track with that in the near future (particularly the podcasts which are currently on an indefinite hiatus).

Even still, Zack, Kyle, and I currently have a body of work that includes 736 articles and 79 podcast episodes.  We are proud of that body of work for what is, essentially, a hobby for us.  We truly hope that our 224 WordPress followers, 42 Facebookers, and 14 Tweeters enjoy what we do as well.

Do you have suggestions, comments, or advice for us to make our site better?  Are there movies or other media you’d like us to check out?  Send us a message at either the comment section below or our social media sites.  You can also email us at

From The Culture Cast, thanks for the past three years and to many more!



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