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Leftover Questions: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Edition

Warning: Spoilers!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not a very good movie. A marginal improvement over an unnecessary reboot, the heavily hyped summer sequel has a bevy of problems. The film suffers from too many villains and an overall poor script with bad dialogue, clunky characterization, and uninteresting plot threads. There are things to like (the special effects are pretty and the Peter/Gwen dynamic remains the most appealing part of the film series) but there are also a litany of leftover questions that left me scratching my head once the credits began rolling. I’ve gathered a few of them here for this article.


If Peter feels so guilty about breaking his promise to Capt. Stacy, then why does he continuously ignore the promise? The film goes out of its way to show us over and over again that the Captain’s death greatly affects our hero. Why would he want to continue to subject himself to this kind of misery?

Why exactly does Electro hate Spider-Man? Max Dillon is extremely enamored with him prior to an incident that can be better blamed on the NYPD. The incident is even totally justified, with Dillon inadvertently causing collateral damage everywhere he goes.

Where did Electro get his super villain costume? How does it travel through power sources along with him? This makes absolutely no sense. Why does Electro even need a super suit? He’s basically pure energy. He doesn’t even need to take on a physical form. This only makes him more vulnerable to physical attacks.

Norman Osborn seemed to live into at least his late fifties, possibly even his early 60s, despite his degenerative disease. Why then is Harry suffering so badly at the age of like 19?

If Norman Osborn thought Spider-Man’s spider-blood would heal him, why did he never try it out on himself? Since he was dying anyway, what did he have to lose?

We learn that the Green Goblin’s tactical suit has a healing factor that is never seriously explained. If Harry can inject himself with dangerous, apparently life-threatening spider-blood and get instantly healed by the tactical suit, why not just skip the spider-blood part and put the suit on first thing?

Why does Harry seem to go from an average spoiled playboy to a rampaging murderous psychopath in a matter of days (maybe even hours) with little to no explanation?

Why wouldn’t Peter Parker want to help his friend by giving up his blood? If Peter’s blood could potentially cure his friend, wouldn’t it be worth it to risk his identity to save the life of someone he considers a close friend?

How are Peter’s webs able to conduct electricity? Are they made of metal? I can’t imagine his webs would be a good enough conductor to adequately defeat Electro the way the film portrays.

How exactly does Harry know exactly where to find Peter at the end of the movie? And who trained Harry to operate such complex machinery as his glider? I have to imagine it would take months, if not years, of training in order to work such a device (this also holds true for Rhino’s suit at the end of the movie).

Why does Sony keep giving us release dates for movies in this franchise that probably aren’t even in the beginning of the scripting stages thus far?



2 responses to “Leftover Questions: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Edition

  1. Nick! May 8, 2014 at 11:08 pm

    I avoided reading this article as I haven’t seen the movie yet and haven’t really been spoiled by it. But I did want to comment on how we haven’t had one of these in quite some time! Prepare yourself for Internet butthurt!

  2. Nick! October 27, 2014 at 10:36 pm

    Because Reasons! and Magic!

    The last question is because of Avengers.

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