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Survivor: Cagayan – Season 28, Episode 11 – Chaos Is My Friend

Survivor officially became the Tony show earlier this season, but up until tonight Tony had been portrayed fairly positively. The most recent episode of the show, titled Chaos Is My Friend, starts turning the tables against Tony, and although he survives the episode, the seeds are planted for a possible Tony ouster in the future. Cagayan as a season almost completely hinges on whether or not the audience loves or hates Tony. In that respect, I am quickly souring on this season because quite frankly, I’ve had enough of this guy.

Tony is quickly becoming insufferable.

Tony is quickly becoming insufferable.

The episode starts off innocently enough, with an invitation to a Survivor staple: the food auction. In the past few seasons, we have also seen the auction add elements such as Idol clues and challenge advantages, something players like Troyzan and Abi Maria have used to their advantage on their respective seasons. Tony goes into the auction with a similar mindset. He wants to win the advantage no matter the cost. His alliance mates use this as an opportunity to purchase food for an extremely cheap price. Trish, Woo, and Kass make out like bandits, with Woo getting to munch on several comically sized beef ribs, Kass getting a steak sandwich, and Trish getting popcorn and a soda (movie treats!).

Tony’s gamble pays off, of course, as he wins the advantage item over Spencer after blind drawing for rocks. Tasha chooses to sit this auction out, hoping to get food. But host Jeff Probst abruptly ends the auction, and Tasha walks away empty handed. Tony’s advantage is not for the upcoming Immunity Challenge, but instead a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. If you recall correctly, Tony already found the overpowered Idol, which he has kept secret. After he finds this new idol, he chooses to make it public. Tony is playing a very big game, and these two idols will basically guarantee he is around until at least the final five.

At the Immunity Challenge, Tasha once again dominates. It’s a classic fetch quest/puzzle combination, and although Woo threatens, Tasha wins her third Immunity Challenge in a row. With Tasha safe from the vote yet again, Tony’s alliance looks toward voting out Spencer instead. Tony has different plans, however, as he wants to blindside Jefra. Convincing Woo is easy enough, so Tony then goes to Spencer to gauge interest. Spencer and Tasha claim that voting out Jefra keeps them safe another three days. Tony once again chooses to avoid telling Trish and Kass about the plan (just as he had done with L.J. two episodes ago). This will surely come back to haunt him.

At Tribal Council, various things are said that really aren’t all that important. Tony pulls out his newest Idol and puts it around his neck in a show of dominance that a vote for him means nothing. Woo, Spencer, Tasha, and Tony vote for Jefra, who loses in a 4-3 Jefra/Spencer vote. Tasha and Spencer have bought another three days on the island to get their game sorted out, and Tony is coming dangerously close to alienating his alliance once and for all. He’s still got his bag of tricks as well as the most powerful idol in the game. He’ll probably be ok, and his story certainly hasn’t been completely told just yet.


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