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Star Wars: Legacy (Vol. 11) – War


It all ends.  Conflicts are resolved.  Characters meet their ends.  Others, surprisingly, do not.  Star Wars: Legacy coms to a conclusion in War.  And, it is a very satisfying conclusion.

Darth Krayt is alive and cutting through the galaxy.  Don’t get in his way, because he doesn’t care.  Taking out those Sith who betrayed him in addition to killing his Jedi, Galactic Alliance, and Empire-in-Exile enemies.  War was a good adventurous romp from beginning to end.  As a reader, you know things are getting bad given Krayt’s complete disregard for anything in his path.  The stakes are incredibly high.

Krayt’s explanation for he was able to resurrect himself was pretty good.  I was expecting to roll my eyes at whatever the reason was going to be, but Ostrander and Duursema made it work.  I think the reason on why it works has to do with the fact that they tied it into Cade’s healing ability.  This works not only as a solid resurrection, but also ties the two characters together in a narrative sense.  They became two sides of the same coin.

Speaking of Cade, we also come full circle with him.  He finally accepts his destiny as a Jedi.  He had darkness within him, but he completely overcomes its temptation, and steps firmly into the light.  But what then?  An obvious answer would have him go rejoin the Jedi.  He doesn’t and that’s good.  Here’s why: it wouldn’t ring true for the character.  He is too much of a free spirit to go back to the Jedi Order.  All he ever wanted from the beginning was to be left alone.  Now, with the final defeat of Darth Krayt, the Sith Lord chasing him from the beginning, he can be free to live his life.  Additionally, he’s come to terms with his internal conflict, suggesting that he can lead a more respectable life, or at least one without as much self-doubt or grimness.

Star Wars: Legacy was an interesting saga.  The momentum never really stopped and while it wasn’t always perfect, it was always interesting.  I’m glad I sat down to read through the series.  It had that feel of classic Star Wars with some of the political maneuverings of the prequels.  War brought all these story arcs to a close, but set things up for more adventures in the Star Wars universe.

Stray Thoughts:

So, we just going to completely forget about that Mandalorian, aren’t we?

Hogrum, Fel’s director of intelligence, was a traitor and in league with Moff Veed, but his true nature was never revealed to our heroes.  He kinda got away with a lot, didn’t he?

I guess the remaining question is how does all of this tie into Star Wars: Legacy 2?


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