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Survivor: Cagayan – Season 28, Episode 10 – Sitting in My Spy Shack

Tony is nuts, but he’s also surprisingly intelligent. He’s clearly the star of the season and a heavily favored candidate to return to the show as soon as freaking possible. He once again takes center stage in tonight’s episode, and it’s a rather good one. We start the episode off with Tony explaining to Trish, Kass, and Jefra why he felt the need to blindside L.J. last week. He’s able to pull his explanation off rather well for Trish and Kass, but Jefra is more skeptical. She claims she’s ok with the idea of voting L.J. out, but she wanted to be consulted on it. I don’t buy this, but it was the right thing for her to say. Still, Trish and Kass are very obviously back into the fold, with Kass remarking that her five-person alliance is her best shot at the million.

Tony is the major player this season on Survivor.

Tony is the major player this season on Survivor.

Tony only gets more entertaining from this point. He builds a makeshift “spy shack” (his second such creation this season) and spies on the conversation between Jefra and Trish. While he doesn’t really gain much insight into the game, he is able to correctly surmise that Jefra is a bit on the fence about Tony’s intentions, and rightfully so. This leads to Tony to assure his alliance mates, over and over again, that he is not going to flip or play these kinds of dangerous games any longer. This is again enough for Trish, who is clearly on Tony’s side. Tony also knows Woo won’t betray him. So again, it’s really just Jefra who is kind of waffling. This will be important to know for later.

At the Reward Challenge, the tribe is divided into two teams. Jefra, Spencer, Jeremiah, and Tasha are on one team, and they face off in a classic Survivor maze/puzzle/obstacle course race against Tony, Woo, Kass, and Trish. Jefra’s team ends up winning the reward, which means she gets to go on a BBQ lunch with the other three. This is terrible news for Tony, because it means Jefra will get a chance to bond with the outsiders, and potentially flip on her alliance. This is exactly what Spencer intends to do, and he pleads his case over lunch with Jefra. An emotional Jefra seems receptive to a flip, and even shakes on it. It appears she will ditch her alliance for Spencer’s group.

At the Immunity Challenge, the tribe faces off against each other on a balance beam while also simultaneously balancing a small rubber ball on a handheld post. It is a difficult-looking challenge, and indeed four tribe members drop out fairly quickly. It eventually comes down to Spencer vs. Tasha once again (it feels like they’re up against each other for the necklace every week). Tasha is able to hold out long enough and beat Spencer, winning immunity for the week. Back at the beach, Jefra once again decides to flip, this time back to her original alliance. She informs Jeremiah of her intentions not to vote with his group. Now Jeremiah and Spencer realize they are vulnerable. Meanwhile, Tony is on an all out search for the super idol (the one discussed last week). Of course, he ends up finding it. We find out that it can be played after the votes are read, but that it cannot be transferred to another player. Tony, therefore, must play it on himself.

At Tribal Council, Spencer calls Tony out in front of everyone, announcing that Tony is playing the strongest game and making all the right moves. Spencer indicates that he would vote for Tony for a million dollars if Tony makes it to the end of the game. The tribe then votes, and Tony pulls out a “fake” idol, which is actually the real all-powerful idol he had found earlier. He intends to bluff, but it just ends up looking kind of silly. Spencer, however, plays his idol, because he knows the vote will be either for Jeremiah or himself. Spencer’s move to play his idol was right (always play it if you believe you’re in danger), but Jeremiah gets sent packing from the game. He’ll join two other ex-Beauty’s as well as Sarah on the jury, and maybe he’ll vote for Tony in the end as well. We’ll see.



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