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Star Wars: Legacy (Vol. 10) – Extremes


Cade Skywalker is tearing through the galaxy looking to hunt down the Sith and taking the war to them. I feel that we have gone down this path before. The Sith search Cade out, he strikes back and hunts them, and goes into hiding. Rinse and repeat. I suppose I don’t mid this too terribly much, but it is becoming formulaic. At least it isn’t completely predictable, and authors John Ostrander and Jan Duursema execute the same pattern differently.

I do appreciate all the plot threads of the series starting to converge. The situation on Dac which I couldn’t have cared less about has firmly weaved its way into the lives of our main characters of Cade, Blue, and Syn. It gave Cade his first targets in his war against the Sith. His abilities are clearly growing stronger, as he is demonstrating a higher skill than he did at the beginning of the series.

It is interesting to note that he constantly has to correct people when they call him a Jedi. He isn’t one, or at least doesn’t consider himself one. Is he telling the truth, or just lying to himself. Cade has been an interesting character because he straddles that line. While it is unlikely he would fall to the dark side, he very clearly doesn’t follow the path of the Jedi. Yet, he keeps being pulled into that life. It will be interesting to see where he ends up at the end of this series.

We also meet a new character, Eshkar Niin (aka Darth Havok). I feel with his character, I messed something. He is established and has backstory with a few of the key Imperial characters (including Sia Fel), but as a reader, I felt like I should have known him. As if he should be already familiar with us. It threw me as I felt I forgot something. I suppose there might have been indirect mentions, but this new addition and the initial mystery surrounding didn’t quite work.

And then we have the return of Darth Krayt. His return is never explained. It is just a basic “I’m alive now”. Ostrander and Duursema have done a pretty good job this far in explaining how things work in this world. Hopefully that will continue to the next collection (since it is also the last).

Extremes was a solid collection for a penultimate tale to Star Wars: Legacy. I see the strands all coming together and, hopefully, there will be a solid send-off that to resolve this chapter of the Star Wars saga.

Stray Thoughts:

If things had been different, I feel that Moff Yage would have sided with Emperor Fel when he was exiled.

Now, Calixta/Corde is ordered to find the traitor. Except only that she is the traitor. Wonder how long she can stretch out that investigation before suspicions arise.

Remember that Mandalorian form Tatoonie? Has that story been completely dropped? Or will he return next time?

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