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Star Wars: Legacy (Vol. 9) – Monster


Like the previous collection, Monster contains two stories, with one being a larger tale and the other a single-issue. We first meet up with Admiral Stazi attempting to formalize an alliance with the Jedi. Of course they are attacked by the Imperials (well, the bad ones) and Stazi deals with an attempted assassination attack. While there isn’t much that goes on in the grand scheme of things, I liked it mostly because it makes me to continue to like Stazi more and more. He’s complex. Star Wars: Legacy has done a great job is holding up Stazi to be a trustworthy good guy who anyone would want to serve under. This tale starts to peel away the paint. There is a darker side to Stazi, but it is coupled well with his honor. He decides to execute his would-be assassin, but it seems clear that he would rather not (the assassin was forced into doing it). Instead, Stazi claims he needs to for appearances. He’s kind of right in this instance. Given his position and the current status of the government under him, he has to retain order and his position. Lots of shades of grey going on.

The other story features Cade and his cohorts being tricked into a Sith trap. Nothing was inherently wrong with the tale, but I am not sure what the intentions were behind it. Darth Maladi is testing out a new bio-weapon and kidnaps Blue to test it on her. Furthering the Dark Lady’s plan is to have Cade test his abilities on this weapon. If Cade frees Blue, the weapon is unsuccessful. If he can’t, the weapon works. Very sociopathic, but makes sense from the villains point of view.

There are some neat things done with this such as Cade using the Sith tricks he previously learned against Maladi, but the story overall wasn’t that engaging. I suspect the point of Monster was so that Blue and Cade finally get together, but that just seems forced. Everything up to this point with their relationship seemed a bit one-sided. I never bought into that either had feelings for one another. True, Blue did hint at that heavily, but what did she actually see in him? What attracted her to him? Nothing Cade has really done would suggest a reason. It was a case of telling and not showing.

Cade, from how he was written, has pretty openly shown that he views Blue as nothing more than a friend with benefits. Maybe there was more beneath the surface, but it never quite shown through. Because of all of this, the romance angle didn’t work for me.

The more interesting stuff in Monster are really the side-stories. The Jedi and Imperial Knights are meeting (solidifying their alliance – I’m noticing a theme), but their meeting is ambushed. It is exciting mostly because this can be a devastating blow and Calixte seems to somehow be in league with Fel (perhaps she was the hidden figure Fel was talking to a few collections back). Calixte continues to be an interesting character. I really hope I am not left hanging on how all her different sides/allegiances connect with one another.

It seems like we are nearing the end of Star Wars: Legacy and this clearly was the first step by formalizing alliances and Cade and Blue getting together. Hopefully more plot strands will continue to weave together and start to wrap for a grand finale.

Stray Thoughts:

Looks like Veed is already getting drunk with power. He’s even looking down on Calixte who has done most of his thinking for him.

Since Calixte is in Fel’s pocket, who on Fel’s team is helping Veed?

Rae is recovering from her injuries way faster than I thought she would. That’s too bad the consequences didn’t last much longer as I feel it cheapens the tragedy.


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