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The Gorehound’s Top 9 Movies of 2013

Certainly not the best year for horror movies but all-around there were some pretty good ones. Why only 9? A combination of lack of time and a feeling of lackluster releases has left the Gorehound with few films under his belt in 2013. Much time has been spent on this list (since December 2012) and it’s the best that it’s going to get. Unfortunately the Gorehound did not view all the movies he intended to view during 2013. The few films that are still in the “watch” pile are: Her, Oldboy, Trance, The Protector 2, and Welcome to the Jungle. A little embarrassed to even say these movies haven’t been viewed but it’s really just a disclaimer.  These very likely would have scored in the (intended) top 13.  So here it is, the top 9 movies of 2013 in favorite order:

  1. Curse of Chucky. It rarely happens where the reboot compares to the original but the crew pulled it together. This really was reminiscent of the original series and surpasses Seed of Chucky (’04). Thus far, this has been the best movie of the year.Curse-of-Chucky1
  2. The Conjuring. While not a 5/5, everything hits the spot in this one. The characters, plot, visuals… beauty at it’s best. Legitimately scary.
  3. Kick-Ass 2. Action-packed, violent, comic goodness. Very good adaptation and entertaining to all cinemaphiles who aren’t afraid of a little violence. Hopefully Aaron Taylor-Johnson can pull through as Quicksilver in the new X-Men this summer.
  4. The World’s End. The Frost, Pegg, and Wright combo is strong. Hilarious while still maintaining a solid story… and that scene where Nick Frost walks through the door? Priceless. hero_WorldsEnd-2013-1
  5. Hatchet 3. Violent, action packed with perhaps the newest monster of the new century. Welcome Victor Crowley!hatchet-3
  6. Evil Dead. Doesn’t compare to the originals (I mean, how could they?) but still solid in it’s own sense.
  7. Texas Chainsaw 3D. No, the movie was not brilliant but looking back, it was pretty entertaining. Surpasses Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (’06) by a long shot. It’s a shame that every TCM film follows, approximately, the same story.
  8. Europa Report. Maybe the Gorehound missed all the sci-fi movies but this apparently stands alone. Still, it’s suspenseful, intriguing, and honest. These types of movies are refreshing.
  9. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. Very entertaining but missed a lot of necessary elements. The Gorehound loves all Grimm’s adaptations.

Biggest disappointment? Insidious 2. The first one is turning out to be one of the Gorehound’s favorite and most outstanding movie of all time. Thank’s for reading this years edition of Top Movies. Let’s look forward to some better ones this year.


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