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Star Wars: Legacy (Vol. 8) – Tatoonie


Looks like secrets are starting to come to the surface in this collection. I guess that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise with it taking place on the planet Tatoonie – a planet that has had some significance in the Star Wars universe since the original movie. Cade meets his mother, and his mother’s secret is not as secret as she thinks it is.

There is a lot of good Tatoonie gives us. The story is simple, but effective. I like the return of Gunner, and they use her very well here. Clearly, she and Cade have a good chemistry together. Granted, they are siblings (though neither at first know it), but they played well off each other to the point that I hope she continues to stick around. This might likely be the case considering that she has been given a valuable piece of information about Morrigan Corde/Nyna Calixte. Given the personal nature of this revelation to her, I wonder where it will go. I truly hope they don’t turn her into another scheming character (which would be the easiest route to go). I don’t want to see Dallas in Star Wars. I want to see Star Wars in Star Wars.

I also liked the trio of assassins featured in this collection. They were just wickedly evil, and I liked the inventiveness of their use. The sucking life-force-out ability of the two who are a couple was wild and weird. The bickering element between them and the third assassin was a lot of fun as well.

I liked this Tatoonie story quite a bit. The other story in this collection, Rouge’s End, is another story. We meet a new player, a Mandalorian-turned-Imperial-turned-Alliance fighter. It was a disjointed story that really was nothing more than an introduction completely disconnected to the rest of the series. I’m sure it’ll dovetail into Cade’s storyline, but it just seemed like such a one-off, it was tough to really care.

Despite the lackluster final chapter, this was a good collection – arguably one of the better ones in this series so far. I’m still liking the direction of where things are going and stuff continues to change and improve the more it goes on.

Stray Thoughts:

Was it creepy to anyone else that Cade was flirting with his sister? Granted, he didn’t know Gunner is sister and it wasn’t “serious flirting”. I guess he is like his ancestor Luke more that he realizes.

Seems stupid to pirate Imperial ships, especially if Cade and company want to keep a low profile. Then again, Cade isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. And it is this behavior that gets them into this collection’s jam in the first place.

Admiral Veed is now the defacto leader of the Empire (in name only). How soon before this either goes to his head or he is used as a scapegoat? Veed is so in-over-his-head and doesn’t know it.


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