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Trek Tuesday: April Fools’ Day Edition

I wasn’t sure what I was going to talk about today, but then I came across this: Rosetta Stone – Learn to Speak Klingon. There is even a video ad for it!

Obviously, this isn’t real. It is a gag that the shopping site Think Geek came up with for April Fool’s Day. This would-be set is costs a mere $269.99 and has everything that can be found in most other Rosetta Stone programs including being Windows XP and OS compatible, speech recognition technology, live conversation with native speakers (from the Beta Quadrant the website boasts), and a downloadable app. The item also advertises itself by claiming one won’t “sully [one’s] reputation by sounding like a hur’q”.

When it comes to the internet and April Fools’ Day, it can be pretty obnoxious by a ton of entertainment websites posting fake stories for a light laugh. However, I have to give Think Geek credit. This is pretty clever. I really appreciate how through the gag is. Think Geek even got Michael Dorn (Worf) to appear in its commercial endorsing the product. That right there makes it kind of awesome.

Thing is, I am surprised something like this doesn’t already exist! They have other Klingon language books out there already. I would think a Rosetta Stone-like program would be a no-brainer. Maybe it would have been back in Star Trek’s golden era of the mid-90s, but that sort of technology wasn’t quite there yet.

I was amused. The joke was detailed enough to make it seem realistic, but ridiculous enough to realize it wasn’t. I am sure there are some Trekkies out there that are disappointed this isn’t a real product. Perhaps someday. For now, enjoy the joke.


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