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Star Wars: Legacy (Vol. 7) – Storms


After the game-changing events from last time, Star Wars: Legacy slows down a bit to regroup and consider some of the fall out of Darth Krayt’s death. Eventually, anyway. Storms first picks up on some leftover tales from Alliance, mostly revolving around the Mon Calamari being hunted and the alliance between the GA and Empire-in-Exile. These were both a bit “eh” for my tastes.

I cannot say that I am too invested in or engaged with the Mon Calamari plight. Of all the things happening in the galaxy, this just seems such small potatoes. Granted, it is the extermination of an entire people, but it just feels a bit detached since many of the characters have largely been one-offs. I imagine that this will be going somewhere, but I cannot help but wonder why so much time has been focused on this? Surely there are other atrocities happening elsewhere in the galaxy. The crime of the Mon Calamari, at this point, is tangential at best to the overall narrative of Star Wars: Legacy.

The next tale deals with the lack of cooperation between the Galactic Alliance and the Fel’s Empire. They are allies, but they are not getting along. It really seems petty the way they are acting, but that is kind of the point. How well will this alliance work if they can’t have a cohesive plan to work together? Not well, as it seems. Stazi continues to be rational, level-headed leader. I really like this guy. The Imperials just seem to be acting out of spite by openly contradicting and acting childish.

Though I liked how the dynamics are playing out, I have to say that reading about giant space battles are not as exciting as watching them. Parts of this tale were just a bit slow for me to get through (strange considering a title such as Star Wars). For me, space battles are better in a more motion-visual medium (if that makes any sense).

Then we get to the titular story of this collection where we see a depressed Cade dealing with what is going to happen next. He and his friends then continue to screw things up. His supposed lost love, Azlyn (a love that wasn’t developed very well – then again romance is clearly not this book’s strong point) is given a Darth Vader-like suit to survive (after, of course, Cade lies about her wanting to continue living), Syn butches his would-be relationship, and the both of them become pariahs to their respective families. This almost would work as a fitting, if depressing, end to the series.

Luckily, there is still a chance for Cade to redeem himself. Azlyn, when giving Cade a what-for dressing down, tells him that he does everything out of selfishness. That is exactly true. He tried to save that Jedi to make himself feel better. He went after Krayt so he could be left alone. And he saved Azlyn for himself. That is Cade’s big flaw. His journey now will have to be him overcoming his personal desires and give back to a world that he forced to turn its back on him. Should be an interesting ride.

Stray Thoughts:

Fel is kind of a dick. I am having a real hard time to feel that he deserves to return to his throne.

Many of these side tales somewhat remind me of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV show, in which each episode/arcs were mostly unrelated adventures fleshing out the finer details of the galaxy at large.


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