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Trek Tuesday: USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter

I am going to do an off-brand style Trek Tuesday this week by looking at the USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter from Think Geek. This was a Valentine’s Day present which combines my love of Star Trek and my love of pizza. Someone knows me a bit too well.

Anyway, this thing is pretty awesome. Using the saucer of the Enterprise as the actual cutter, it is an incredibly clever marketing tie-in. I am surprised that no one had thought of this thing before, especially during Star Trek’s hey-day in the mid-90s. The cutter is made from a stainless steel which makes it sturdy and strong. This sucker is also much bigger than I expected! Granted, it doesn’t look exactly like the Enterprise, but who cares? This is a novelty type of item that is just meant to be enjoyed for what it is.

The saucer/blade even has the ship name and registry number etched into it!


While I think this pizza cutter is awesome, I fear using it. It is such a slick item that I would hate for it to be ruined through use. I have a regular pizza cutter which has been horribly stained due to a mix of age, use, and cheap-quality. So far, I used the Enterprise cutter once just to say I used it. From there, I think I’ll keep either in the box or on display somewhere. Perhaps I’ll break it out for special events to show it off.

Maybe I should throw a Star Trek pizza party. I like where this thought process is going.

Think Geek also made an Enterprise-D pizza cutter, but from judging from the pictures, it doesn’t look as cool or look like it would handle as well. Generally speaking, I am not big on novelty items, but I’m stoked that I own this. Totally pick this up if you are a Star Trek or pizza enthusiast.



2 responses to “Trek Tuesday: USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter

  1. TheGorehound March 26, 2014 at 11:19 am

    That thing looks hella sharp from the picture.

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