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Star Wars: Legacy (Vol. 6) – Vector


At this point in Legacy’s publication, Dark Horse Comics wanted to have a crossover event between the then current Star Wars titles. Because each of the comics took place in a different era, it became a story spread over 5000 years, with Legacy being the final chapter.  When I reached this point in Legacy’s run, I was concerned that this would be both completely inaccessible (since I didn’t read the previous entries) and also completely throwaway (since it seemed to be latched onto Legacy as opposed to develop naturally from it).  Turns out I was wrong on both accounts.

Vector has Cade and his group on their way to assassinate Darth Krayt when they encounter Celeste Morne, a Jedi from the Old Republic who has been bonded to the spirit of a Sith Lord in order to prevent his evil from spreading.  Celeste was the character that was spotlighted during the crossover.  Even though this is the last part of her story, what happened previously is quickly recapped in a pretty sold way.  It was exposition, obviously, but it didn’t feel forced, and it was dropped naturally within the context of the narrative.  Anyway, impressed with Cade’s abilities, Celeste agrees to join him and his group to seek out Krayt.

They do.  And they kill him.  This was shocking for a number of different reasons.  For starters, the person who dealt the killing blow (initially – Krayt’s lieutenant finishes him off after he was presumed dead by our heroes) was Celeste, the guest character.  Not Cade or Emperor Fel, or any of the other characters who might have wanted to see him dead.  This unexpected move really put a capstone on how much of an unpredictable variable she really was.

The second surprise with Krayt’s death was, well, Krayt’s death.  I wasn’t really expecting him to be dealt with this early in (which turned out to be the mid-point overall) the run of Star Wars: Legacy.  Now, I have heard of some rumblings of what comes down the line, but it was a bold move to off the main antagonist.

This, of course, then leaves me to wonder what happens next.  With Krayt out of the way, will other Sith take up his place to hunt down Cade?  There is still a lot to explore, but the world of Star Wars: Legacy will not be the same.

Vector proved itself to be quite the game changer, and I am extremely curious (and excited) what will happen next.

Stray Thoughts:

What happened to the Moffs and their plotting?  It just seems as if that has been largely forgotten.  Granted a lot of stuff elsewhere has been going on, but not even a scene or a mention.

Speaking of the Moffs…I wonder how they are going to react to the death of Krayt (assuming they will learn of it) and how it’ll affect their plans.

Am I the only person getting super annoyed by all the Star Wars “slang” being used in this series?  It was cute at first, but now it’s just karking obnoxious.


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